SpunkyHylian Reviews: NintendoBlackCrisis’ Hypothesis on the Disappearance of Navi

By Sarah Trimble
June 24, 2019

Before we’re flooded with theories and posts about the new Breath of The Wild sequel, I think it’s important to take time and revisit the roots of the franchise and kind of pick up on these characters that fall between the cracks. That’s exactly what NintendoBlackCrisis does in a recent video exploring the disappearance of Navi! Whether it’s due to poor writing or mechanics, many companions that served a large role in a given game are vastly underthought and underrepresented. I think characters like Fi, whom I loved, get obliterated from the conversation because they served as a sentient guide and hint facilitator in-game and just didn’t have enough backstory to make them relevant enough to look twice at. Companions like Midna, Ezlo, Tatl, King of Red Lions and even Ciela from Phantom Hourglass all had a significant investment in the plot, as well as assisting with player help, which is why I believe we remember them more than others. Seeing a fun little dive into fleshing out the character of Navi, who is so iconic but also incredibly underdeveloped, was very interesting and enjoyable to chew on. The video opens up with explaining some of the various mysteries that surround the Legend of Zelda franchise and how Navi’s disappearance is one of them. Her presence, and the answer to why she left is so important to Link that he takes it upon himself to travel looking for her specifically in Majora’s Mask, but we never see her or hear of her again, even at the end of MM. The video presents a few different theories about this that are all equally valid and satisfactorily researched, and I can’t think of any flaws with it, except that it was short. But there wasn’t much material to begin with, so the length is fully understandable. Another professional, logical, and well-thought out video by NBC! If you ever wondered what happened to Navi after the end credits of Ocarina of Time, this is the resource you’re looking for. So check it out below and let us know what you think in the comments!


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