Spirit Tracks Potentially Coming to Smartphones

By Hick
November 2, 2018

As people become more and more connected to their smartphones, mobile gaming will continue to grow. With plenty of money to be made, video game companies have to decide how they would like to approach the market if at all. Nintendo has already had some success with Super Mario Run so one would assume they would continue to keep a focus in mobile gaming. The newest bombshell could confirm this.

Some Japanese trademarks were recently spotted by Destructoid. These trademarks, revolving around the games Spirit Tracks and Mario vs. Donkey Kong, were filed for “program for home video game machine, downloadable video game program, and program for smartphone”. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean a game will be released on smartphones. It could be a game for the Switch or 3DS. I don’t think I would be one to buy Spirit Tracks for my phone, but I think it would be a great opportunity for the younger generation to get involved with Zelda, so I really hope they do it. Would you buy Spirit Tracks for your smartphone? Let us know down in the comments!