By Hick
January 8, 2018

I love Zelda music. That should come as no surprise as I’ve said it many times, haha. It’s one of the greatest parts of the franchise. There have been numerous songs that are so memorable that they can take you back to the time you were playing that particular Zelda game. I often listen to various Zelda themes at work, and one thing that is actually frustrating is all the shifting back and forth between songs that I have to do. That’s why I love it when someone decides to put together a Zelda mix that I can just sit there and listen to for a while.

YouTuber Luigi recently created this Zelda music mix that is both relaxing and simply beautiful. It features music from Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, Breath of the Wild, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and Majora’s Mask. I love listening to these types of mixes that focus on relaxation. They are perfect for me at work. So sit back, relax, and get lost in the music of Zelda.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on YouTube. ENJOY!