By Red
August 31, 2017

We here at TGPZ pride ourselves on our thorough walkthroughs for various Zelda games. But sometimes, a viewer may just want to get a quick primer on a game without getting into all the little details, just to see what the game is all about. Well, for those viewers, YouTuber Austin John Plays has put together a hilarious video summarizing Breath of the Wild in under five minutes. This video does give viewers a good idea what BotW is all about, but it also pokes fun at some of the more ridiculous concepts of the game, such as how many shrines and towers there are, and how easy it is to die. It also humorously points out the differences between BotW and other Zelda games, like how the Divine Beasts don’t quite stack up to the dungeons we’re used to.

Austin John Plays’ five minute recap of Breath of the Wild gives viewers an idea what the game is all about, while also giving those of us familiar with the game a lot of laughs, thanks to his sarcasm and humor. You can watch the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube.