Screw Attack Gives You Their Top 20 Zelda Items

By Hick
July 21, 2017

Could you imagine a Zelda game without items? They are one of the most integral aspects of the franchise. Without them, completing a game would be almost impossible. They also make the game fun. We can ride on horseback while shooting our Bow and Arrow. We can zip across rooms by latching onto things with our Hookshot. We even have the ability to throw something that stuns enemies and it comes back to us!

ScrewAttack! has created a video ranking their top 20 items in the Zelda franchise. I will admit that I don’t look at all of these as being an “item”, but it is a good listing nonetheless. Are these the items you would have chosen, or do you prefer other items that weren’t mentioned?

You can check out the two videos below as they divided them up from 20-11 and 10-1. ENJOY!