Rumor: A Second Legend of Zelda Game Is Coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019

By Red
March 9, 2019

Zelda fans are still hyped from the announcement that a Link’s Awakening remake will be released on the Nintendo Switch this year. But what if we are getting TWO Zelda games in 2019 instead of one?? According to GameFAQs poster Vergeben, that may be exactly what we are getting! According to Vergeben, Nintendo plans on releasing another 2D Zelda game for the Switch prior to the release of the Link’s Awakening remake. This game is rumored to be smaller in scale than the Link’s Awakening remake and will be an eShop exclusive.

As with all Zelda rumors, this one is best taken with a large grain of salt. Vergeben apparently has a track record of being right on some leaks, but they also have some misses. So while I personally won’t be getting my hopes too high, the thought of getting not one, but TWO Zelda games this year is certainly an exciting one!

You can see the supposed leak in this GameFAQs thread. User ZenythVidya posts a DM from Vergeben showing several anonymous sources discussing a second 2D Zelda title set to be released this year. It’s not much to go on, but it would be awesome!