Rozen Releases His Newest Zelda Album Titled Children of Termina

By Hick
December 3, 2018

Materia Collective presents a production by Rozen Audio titled Children of Termina. According to the album page, it delves deep into the mysteries hidden within The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask lore. Rozen’s dark and haunting arrangements explore Termina’s unsettling atmosphere. Each arrangement evokes feelings of mystery and wonder with undercurrents of dread and fear. Featuring an impressive roster of live performers and star collaborators, including The Sofia Session Orchestra in Bulgaria, Julie Elven, Celica Soldream, and Reven, Children of Termina takes his symphonic electronic style to new heights.

Rozen has already produced 2 stellar Zelda albums, Sins of Hyrule and Ballads of Hyrule, which we have featured here on our website. I highly recommend giving his newest album a listen and when you are done be sure to go back and listen to his other two. There are many great Zelda songs out there that have been re-done with their own creative twist, but in my opinion, Rozen does it by far the best!

You can listen to the album and see the track listing below (via Bandcamp). You can buy the album here.

1. The World That Ends in Three Days 04:53
2. Majora’s Mask 03:03
3. Down the Rabbit Hole 02:46
4. Termina Field 04:08
5. The Four Regions 03:33
6. Deku Palace 03:00
7. A Moment’s Peace 02:06
8. Stone Tower 05:37
9. Masked Monsters 02:38
10. Moon’s Tears (Astral Observatory) 04:34
11. Clock Town 05:15
12. Final Hours 02:49
13. March of the Giants 03:46
14. I Shall Consume Everything 04:38
15. Inside the Moon 05:30
16. Song of Healing 04:59
17. Children of Termina 08:21

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