Rick and Morty Creator Selling Signed Limited-Edition 3DS Console

By Hick
June 1, 2018

Rick and Morty fans may recall a particular episode from season 2 titled Total Rickall, in which Rick hatches a get-rich-quick scheme by buying a bunch of limited-edition Legend of Zelda 3DS consoles from Walmart for $149, getting a $50 gift card bringing the price down to $110 (yes, he was incorrect on his math), and then flipping them for $230. It may have seemed like an obscure joke at the time, but there was a reason behind it. It is something that show creator Justin Roiland actually did!

Roiland wrote in a text message to Witchsy co-founder Kate Dwyer, which she provided to VICE.

“All the stuff Rick says in that scene in the episode was actually true. My plan was to sell them off here and there over the years but I just had so many that I still have them. It’s also important to know that I felt bad after I bought them all so I went and purchased 15 2DS systems and a bunch of games and donated them to the children’s hospital of Los Angeles. I became part of the problem that day. I became a scalper. CHA-CHING.”

Now Roiland is selling one of the limited-edition 3DS consoles he bought at Wal-Mart for $1,000. It comes with a signature and a doodle of the duo. It can be purchased on Witchsy here.

If you want to see the joke from the episode, check out the video below.


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