Red’s Ramblings – Hyrule Warriors: The Imprisoning War

By Red
March 29, 2017

My first introduction to the Zelda universe was A Link to the Past, and I remember reading and re-reading the Story section of the instruction manual to get a handle on the huge world I’d just jumped into. One part of the lore always stuck with me: the Imprisoning War. My teenage imagination pictured gigantic battles between the Knights of Hyrule and Ganon’s army of thieves and monsters all across Hyrule, culminating in the sages sealing Ganon in the Dark World. I hoped that one day I could play out these battles in a Zelda game. The technology at the time, of course, didn’t exactly allow for the large-scale battles I had in mind.

When Ocarina of Time was released, it seemed the chance to play out the Imprisoning War was lost. My interpretation of the OoT story was that the war occurred while Link slept in the Sacred Realm, and the end of OoT represented the end of the Imprisoning War. As great as OoT was, I was sad that the Imprisoning War seemed to get mostly skipped over.

Then the official Zelda timeline was released with the publishing of Hyrule Historia. On the timeline, there is an entry for the “Sealing War” in the split where Ganon defeats Link. Assuming the Sealing War and Imprisoning War are the same thing, this opened up a new opportunity for a Zelda game where we actually get to play out the war.

Hyrule Warriors is a bit of an odd entry into the Zelda universe. It takes place outside the official Zelda timeline and is largely considered to be non-canon. It DID show us that there is a place for huge battles with hundreds of combatants in a Zelda game. So now that we know large-scale battles are possible in a Zelda game, and we know the Imprisoning War still hasn’t been explored in a game, I think Nintendo should develop a Hyrule Warriors-style game that tells the story of the Imprisoning War.

The plot is already largely written. Link failed to stop Ganon, so the sages must rally the remaining Knights of Hyrule to battle Ganon’s armies all across Hyrule, culminating in a final climactic battle in front of Hyrule Castle. Instead of playing as Link, you would play as the sages and leaders of the Knights of Hyrule. The Hyrule Warriors style would finally allow Nintendo to show the war in all its epic glory, with hundreds of combatants on screen battling it out for the fate of Hyrule. And best of all, unlike the original Hyrule Warriors, it would fit nicely in the official Zelda timeline.

So there you have it. What do you think? Would you like to see the Imprisoning War played out in a Hyrule Warriors-style Zelda game? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

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