By Red
October 6, 2017

Few topics seem to get Legend of Zelda fans as worked up as the discussion related to the Zelda timeline. Even the release of Nintendo’s official timeline with Hyrule Historia didn’t completely silence the debate. When Breath of the Wild was announced, it sparked immense discussions as to where it would fall on the timeline, and now that it’s been out for a while, the debate is as heated as ever!

YouTuber HMK tackles the topic of Breath of the Wild’s placement in the Zelda timeline in a new video. He starts with the official facts from Nintendo: BotW takes place after Ocarina of Time, and it is the last game in whichever timeline it’s in. With those facts out of the way, HMK moves on to discuss the supporting and clashing evidence of placing the game in each timeline. The evidence he discusses includes the tales in the Zora stone monuments, the enemies and locations found in BotW, and the various tribes found throughout Hyrule. Finally, HMK suggests a theory of his own for how BotW fits.

Breath of the Wild contains a lot of contradictory evidence for where it belongs on the Zelda timeline, and HMK does a great job summarizing the support for and against its placement in each timeline. You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube.