By Trey Yates
November 7, 2017

We’ve traveled through many mysterious, unknown forces in our adventures with Zelda. We’ve mastered time, the power of the winds, and passed through voids that made Link traverse through something like the fourth dimension. But what if he took a step through one of those voids and ended up on the opposite side as a two-dimensional hero?

Youtuber Dr.Wily graces his presence here again with a neat concept; using the characters we’ve come to know in the Zelda story and putting them in the flat world we’ve seen from the Paper Mario series. Questions for this, however:

  • Would Link get to make things three-dimensional like Mario’s power in Super Paper Mario?
  • If the Deku Tree is already a tree, does he just show up as a bunch of shreds?
  • If you disagree with this proposal outright, are you considered extremely two-sided, and could you live with irony that’s that on-the-nose?

Watch the video below or click here to watch it on Youtube.