By Hick
March 1, 2017

We thought we would take a moment before Breath of the Wild comes out to let you know what we’re planning on doing with the game and our Youtube channel. Neither Red nor I were able to pre-order a Switch and we’re a little worried about getting one on Friday. We originally planned to do a midnight release at either Gamestop or Best Buy, but decided against that as we heard there was limited availability and we wouldn’t be able to get there until after work on Thursday. Also, we are in our 30s and I have a 6th month old so the motivation wasn’t there to do it, haha. Red and I are planning on waking up early Friday morning and seeing if we can find a Switch at a local store. Red has informed me that he is not currently considering buying the WiiU version because he wants to play it on the best system. He is willing to wait a couple of weeks to see if he can get a Switch and at that time he will start to play Breath of the Wild. I’m not that patient and I would like to play it day one. I’m planning on buying the WiiU version as soon as I see it, unless I’m able to find a Switch first. The WiiU version will be a backup as I check other stores for a Switch.

Red and I will be visiting different stores that Friday morning and we’re hoping that if one of us can find one, we’re going to buy the other one a Switch.

If Red ends up with a Nintendo Switch, he will be recording the game for our Youtube channel.

If I end up with a Switch and Red doesn’t, I will be recording the game.

If neither one of us locates a Switch, I will be recording the WiiU version. Red has agreed to do commentary on the WiiU version even if he hasn’t played the game. He is simply going to watch my gameplay vidoes.

We understand there is a possibility we might not get a Switch at first but might get one a few weeks later. If this is the case, we’re willing to restart our recording with the Switch Version. If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment or hit us up on Twitter. Our handle is @2guysplayzelda

Good luck to everyone and we hope you are able to get a Switch and Breath of the Wild on Friday!