By Hick
February 6, 2017

We know it’s been a while since we’ve put out a ranking (almost 3 months). We have been very busy behind the scenes with holidays and life events. We also had to take some time to test our new remote setup. We wanted to step away from our dungeon/boss ranking videos and do something that was a little more “unique”. Looking on Youtube, we surprisingly found out that this is a video that hasn’t been done by many people.

The areas you encounter in a Zelda game can sometimes be just as memorable (or more memorable) then the dungeons and bosses in a game, so we wanted to show them some love. Now that we are doing remote commentary (which makes our audio sound much better by the way), we had to scratch the video intro we’ve been doing lately and go back to the way we use to do our intro. Behind the scenes, we ranked our top 20 areas and applied the point system to come up with this top 10. This video was very difficult to do as it’s sometimes hard to define what an area actually is. We tried to look at the larger areas, and some of these larger areas will have smaller sub areas. It’s something that we can go back and forth on all day so we just tried to do our best. As always, keep in mind that these are just our opinions. Stick around until the end to see our individual rankings.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube channel. ENJOY!