Our Breath of the Wild Top 10 Shrines Ranking has Arrived

By Hick
August 18, 2017

What was your favorite new addition to the Zelda franchise from Breath of the Wild? For Red and I, it was easily the shrines. In a game that only had 4 dungeons, it was nice to get a large number of mini-dungeons that held great puzzles. We recently posted our Top 10 Shrines to our Youtube channel. It’s a ranking that we’ve been excited about doing ever since we stepped foot into our first shrine.

In creating this ranking, we listed our top 25 shrines out of 73 (we excluded the Test of Strengths and Blessings) and applied a point system to get this top 10. If you’re wondering where we would have placed the Test of Strengths and Blessings, they would have been very low and not close to the top 10. Since we knew this, we felt no need to incorporate them into our thinking.

We wanted to have some fun with this ranking, like all the other rankings we do, so we decided to try and pronounce the names of the 10 shrines. We have no clue if we got them right, but we were just having a good time, so feel free to laugh at our expense, haha. As always, these are just our opinions and be sure to stick around until the end where you will see Red and I’s individual rankings.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!


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