Other Links and Zeldas Meet Nintendo Switch’s Breath of the Wild Link and Zelda

By Sarah Trimble
April 30, 2019

Okay, so, I brought up this video with a little bit of apprehension because YouTube is basically a grab bag of random content, sometimes great, sometimes awful, sometimes just forgettable. This particular video by YouTuber GabaLeth was a sixty-second clip of awkward scripting (except for the last ten seconds) but great voice acting and art. Unphased by the lackluster lines of this video, I decided to explore the rest of GabaLeth’s Zelda comic library and was absolutely pleased to bits. That one video does not represent their entire brand, and I had so much fun watching other clever, well-animated and edited shorts. This team clearly is educated in the games, their lore, and what makes each Link and Zelda different, as well as embracing the non-canon appearances of these characters in other franchises and games. There’s also some funny “what if” type moments, like if Link was a Pokemon trainer and such. I don’t know where they found a voice actress that sounds exactly like BOTW Zelda’s English dub, but they did, which is cool. They also feature many comics by other artists, those were some of my favorites. The team at GabaLeth really puts a lot of work into their compilations and videos, cheers to them for sharing their art fearlessly and for giving unique voices to so many Nintendo characters. Their music choice for the videos is also top-notch. I subscribed to the channel and look forward to more hilarious animations in weeks to come!


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