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Okami or Twilight Princess?

By Crow
August 17, 2018

Two games that launched in 2006, Okami HD recently saw a release on the Nintendo Switch (currently only on the E-Shop). In turn, GameSpot recently rolled out a new “Versus” video to highlight the similarities and differences of these two iconic, wolf-related titles. “But Crow,” I hear you say, “how could they possibly compare a masterful game like Twilight Princess to a game I’ve never heard of?” Fear not person whom I’m projecting upon, I’ve never experienced Okami either, so here’s the highlights of the video!

First and foremost, they open by notating that Okami is a “Zelda clone”, and that is a sentiment I’ve heard in Okami conversations before. Both are referenced as having diverse and intuitive combat systems; Twilight Princess with, at the time, new motion controls, and Okami with its unique drawing combat mechanic. They compare the differing art styles: Okami’s original and traditional Japanese art against TP’s dark, glowing, and uh…

Well let’s call it a unique aesthetic (we’re not working with Disney here folks, everyone has a vision in some form). Then it comes down to the world they’re set in, pitting Zelda’s expansive and troubled world against Okami’s more distinct, close-knit, and aesthetic world. Also they do a few rapid-fire questions for kicks and giggles, so that’s fun.

In terms of one game vs another, I know which camp I sit in, but they ask who presents their arguments better, and I stand with the opposite side on that one. Who do you think I’m for, and who do you feel posed a better case for their game? Watch the video below, or click here to watch the video on YouTube, and tell me what you think!