Non-DLC and DLC Exploits in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild to Make You Overpowered

January 12, 2019

Hi, this is JP for TGPZ. I’m here to tell you about some exploits in Breath of the Wild that will make your playthrough much easier. 5 not using anything in the DLC, then 5 exclusive to the DLC. These won’t be in the order you can do them however. So first:

5 Non-DLC Exploits in Breath of the Wild

1. The flying minecarts – On Death Mountain, you come across minecarts you can ride on rails to get across the lava fields and a few other places. But did you know that if you take one minecart and place it crosswise on top of another, then climb on top, you can use Magnesis to fly all over Hyrule! You have to be precise to make sure the minecart on top is snugly fit, and you will need level 2 cold resistance to fly high, but once you get going, you can fly the skies all over Hyrule!

2. Getting Hearty Durians and Mighty Bananas early – Once you get the paraglider and can leave the plateau, you may think to follow the King’s advice and go to Impa, (or ignore it and go straight for Ganon at the castle), but there is a smarter option. Instead, go south until you reach an area that looks kinda tropical. You want to reach the Faron region. If you activate the Faron region tower, you can glide to a ridge where you can see some Lizalfos nearby. That area is full of Hearty Durian trees. You can cook 5 of them in a pot to get almost 2 full rows of bonus hearts, and early on in the game, they are a lifesaver. Explore the region some more and you can find some banana trees. 5 of them can be cooked in a pot for a great attack bonus. At the beginning when all the weapons you find are weak, an attack bonus is huge.

3. Clean out the Great Plateau of everything – Once you have the paraglider and you can leave the Great Plateau, consider hanging around. There are many Korok seeds and treasure chests on the plateau. If you take the time to clear the plateau of all of them, you will be overstocked on weapons, shields, as well as enough Korok seeds to expand your stashes a few times before you even meet Hestu.

4. Out-of-the-box solutions instead of what the game is obvious about – One of the many great things about Breath of the Wild is that it is so open about how you can approach challenges. Have a puzzle that its solution is somewhere completely different? Use the camera function to take a picture of it and use it to do the puzzle easy. Enemy encampment is surrounded by dry grass? Light it on fire and they all die without you having to fire a shot. If you are stuck in a certain spot, just try flinging everything at it to see what works, you will be surprised how often the solution will be something you weren’t expecting!

5. Farm easy to reach Talus every Blood Moon – Talus monsters are all over Hyrule, but some, like the one on the plateau and around Dueling Peaks, are easy to get to from a warp point. So as long as you have a hammer, you can beat them easily after running on top of them before they rise out of the ground. Just fast travel to them every time they regenerate after a Blood Moon. Doing so regularly, say 5 or so Talus every Blood Moon, and you will have so many gems that you can sell them for thousands of rupees.

5 DLC Exploits in Breath of the Wild

All of the below are exclusive to the DLC, all are accessible as soon as you get off the plateau, and if you take the time to get them early in the game, you will be very overpowered for the first half of the game. # 3 -5 are excellent all throughout the entire game. None of the armor sets are upgradable, but the bonuses they provide make that irrelevant.

1. The Phantom Ganon armor set (from Ocarina of Time) when combined, this armor makes Link resemble the OoT version of Phantom Ganon. Not only is it a sneak outfit that you can get for free, but it also has a disguise bonus so no skeleton enemies will attack you in it. To find it, there is a journal in the Deya Village ruins. It will provide you with clues to each piece of the armor. I can’t do everything for you so I won’t say where they exactly are, but the journal gives you good clues. I will tell you that you can find them all in the Faron region however.

2. The Phantom armor set (from Phantom Hourglass) when combined, this armor makes you look like the phantoms from the 3DS Zelda games, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. Having this early on really makes you OP, as not only does it provide incredible defense early on, but it also gives an attack up bonus! This is the one to wear for almost all battles until late in the game once you upgrade some regular outfits. To find it go to the Outpost Ruins and look for a journal there. It will give you good clues for each location. Like with the Phantom Ganon armor, I won’t tell you were to go exactly, but I will say they are all in the Central region.

3. The Teleportation Medallion – The single most useful DLC item! You can get this as soon as you get a 2nd ring of stamina and a horse. This allows you to set a teleportation spot anywhere you want! You can use this in the most cheap and exploitative ways! Need to go get something at the bottom of a mountain or ridge but don’t want to climb back up? Just set this down first and you can warp back up as often as you need to. Have a shrine right below you but the entrance is on a cliff face? Just put this on the surface above it and jump off? If you miss, you can just warp back and try again! Forgot something back in a town but not near any shrine? Drop the talisman right were you are and you can just pick right back off where you left! To find it start in the South Akkala Stable (definitely use a horse to get there quickly). The medallion is in the Akkala region, but I’ll leave it to you to find its exact location.

4. Majora’s Mask – With this item, it is like wearing a whole sneak outfit on your face! Monsters (except mini-bosses) will all ignore you with this on. The clue to find this one is in the Outpost Ruins journal. I won’t tell you where exactly, but it is in the Central region.

5. The Ancient Horse gear (saddle and bridle) – Put this on one of your horses (excluding the giant horse) and you can not only have a boosted spur count, but the horse will warp to your location when you whistle! Never lose a horse again! If you get your horse stuck, just dismount and get to a safe area and you can warp it right by your side and carry on! Horses are a fast way to get around Hyule without warping and a beautiful way to enjoy the scenery of this gorgeous game! To find it, start at the Highland Stable for the clue book then look in the Lake and Ridgeland regions.

So there you have it. Find these items and follow these strategies, and you will be blowing through the game like the true Hero of Hyule!

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