Nintendo Should Make a Zelda MMORPG Set in Hyrule

By Ethan “Kuchiri” Enloe
October 1, 2019

Wait, hear me out….

A little game that has been out for fifteen years finally did something the fans were asking for for years and got rid of all the updates they ever made to the game. There were Twitch streams with upwards to three-hundred thousand viewers watching World of Warcraft Classic. A spin-off of sorts that set to bring the Massively Popular Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game to basics while other players can play the currently fully updated version. It’s sort of neat; a game that started as a spinoff from a series of fantasy games of humans, elves, and other Tolkien-esque races became one of the biggest games of all time.

It got me thinking. What other game series that is set in a Fantasy world with multiple races… I’m going to stop there. You know what website you’re on. You see the title of this article.

Why isn’t there a Hyrule MMO? It’s well known that Nintendo wanted to try to make games in the Zelda series multiplayer. They started trying with the original Link’s Awakening before they scrapped it. We had a handful of Four Swords games. Recently we were given Triforce Heroes. They are all great multiplayer games you can play near each other. We have the tools and the capability to make this an MMORPG.

Here’s the pitch: You play as a Defender of Hyrule. You can choose from any of the races; Hylian, Goron, Zora, Ruto, and so forth. You can determine your history and birthplace and all that fun stuff. You can choose from the standard RPG classes and then Hyrule is your oyster basically. Expansions can somehow sneak in Lorule, Termina, Subrosa, or any world they feel like adding.

Add a few central hubs like Castle Town, Kakariko, and Zora’s Fountain and you can do quests and more. Have the game use similar controls to Hyrule Warriors with exploration and combat. Fill the game with dungeons that may require four or more people to complete the puzzles. Add in all the final bosses from all the games and make them ten person raid encounters.

Just think of an eight person encounter against Link to the Past Ganon. Make the room massive, make Ganon massive, and have it to where there is a trick to keeping the torches lit without using lanterns. You need to keep two people on each torch while the other four focus on the pig. If the light goes out then Ganon can wipe the party. Probably have a part of the fight where everyone have to focus fire silver arrows that spawn in the arena into Ganon’s face at the exact same time.

The MMO itself can have its own story. Maybe it isn’t Ganon/dorf being the ultimate bad. Bring back Vaati. Create someone new. What if you have to do quests with Zelda and Link as NPCs? There are a bunch of possibilities.

Maybe the Switch can’t handle that sort of power. It’s okay, all of this still works in a pseudo-MMO setting. Games like Destiny and The Division have mastered having a game feel like an MMORPG while keeping most lobbies/instances to twenty-four players or less. They also usually have smaller exploration areas with mini-missions you can do with randoms while you can take a party into dungeons that you can select from a menu.

As always, what do you guys think? Would you throw your money to play a Hyrule MMORPG? What race/class would you guys make? Should there be sides… maybe do Power/Courage/Wisdom like how World of Warcraft does Alliance/Horde? What sort of raid bosses would you expect to see and how would you handle the encounter? As always conversation is always welcomed at The Two Guys Playing Zelda Discord, Twitter, the comment section below, and anywhere. Talk about this to your friends. Maybe Nintendo will see this as a way to print money.

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