Nintendo Shows Off Teaser Trailer For The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel at Their E3 Direct Presentation!

By Red
June 11, 2019

Going into their E3 Direct presentation, Nintendo already had two Legend of Zelda games for the Switch to talk about: the upcoming Crypt of the Necromancer crossover Cadence of Hyrule, and the Link’s Awakening remake. With both those games already on tap, I didn’t expect us to get any other Zelda news. But E3 is the season for surprises, and boy did Nintendo drop a big one on Zelda fans! At the very end of their Direct presentation, Nintendo unveiled a teaser for a Breath of the Wild sequel, currently in development!

The teaser shows Link and Zelda (now sporting a shorter haircut) exploring what appears to be the caverns below Hyrule Castle. A mysterious green fog slowly circles a skeletal corpse, and we see Malice spreading through the room. Then a pale white hand grabs Link by the wrist, touches the corpse, and appears to reanimate it! Although the details are slim, there are some signs that the corpse is indeed Ganondorf (such as the jewel he wears on his forehead, the Gerudo symbols on his jewelry, and his red-tinted hair). So perhaps this Breath of the Wild sequel features the return of Ganondorf!

That’s pure speculation of course, as Nintendo gave no details on the plot or setup for the game. We also got no indication of when we can expect this sequel to release, just a brief message that the game is currently in development. Regardless of the details so far, my hype meter is maxed out, and I can’t wait to dig into all the speculation that fans come up with from this trailer! You can check it out below.


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