Nintendo of Europe releases Breath of the Wild clip showing Runes.

By Hick
August 23, 2016

Nintendo of Europe released a 43 seconds Breath of the Wild clip showing the powers of Runes via their Twitter account . Runes are magical tools that Link can use via his Sheikah Slate. He can use them to complete tasks in shrines, dungeons, and the over world. In the clip, they show 4 of these powers. The 1st power shows Link creating 2 ice blocks in water, known as Cryonis. The 2nd power shows Link grabbing a treasure chest out of water, known as Magnesis. The 3rd power is bombs, and it’s pretty much self-explanatory. The 4th power shows Link locking an explosive barrel in time (it only lasts for a short period), before the object unlocks and regains its movement. This is known as Stasis. These powers look like they’re going to be very fun to use. I’m excited about using these powers to solve various puzzles. You can check out the Twitter video from Nintendo of Europe below.


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