Nintendo of Europe releases Breath of the Wild clip showing Bow & Arrows.

By Hick
August 26, 2016

Nintendo of Europe has released another Breath of the Wild clip via their Twitter account showing the various arrows Link can use with his bow. The first arrow used is a Bomb Arrow. I’m really glad Nintendo brought this one back. What’s not fun about blowing something up from a distance?! The second arrow is just a regular arrow, which Link uses to cut rope and bring down a wooden walkway. Link then pulls out a Fire Arrow and drills an enemy in the head, which is a critical hit that does 2x damage! Lastly, we see Link use an Ice Arrow to freeze an enemy in it’s tracks. In many Zelda games, we have seen a combination of a regular arrow, fire arrow, and ice arrow, but it has never been accompanied by a Bomb Arrow. It appears we are going to have many weapon options when it comes to the new Zelda game, and that is exciting! You can check out the video from Nintendo of Europe’s Twitter account below.