Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Legend of Zelda Gold Cartridge Fleece Throw/Blanket

By Hick
May 3, 2019

Few images in gaming are as iconic as the original Legend of Zelda gold cartridge. Back when the NES was released, every cartridge was gray, including Mario. There has always been something different and great about the Legend of Zelda, and it was established from the beginning by this cartridge that was simply a different color. Now you can get all nostalgic feeling and stay warm with this awesome Legend of Zelda gold cartridge throw/blanket. It’s a soft 100% polyester microfiber fleece that measures 60 inches (length) by 48 inches (width). It’s the gold color of the original cartridge and also has the original art work. It is an officially licensed product. You can buy it via FUN Dot Com here. You will also want to stop by our TGPZ Shop where we have this product and much more amazing Zelda merchandise.


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