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New Zelda or Breath of the Wild Sequel Upcoming for Nintendo Switch in 2019?

By Zach Winn
January 8, 2019

2019 is already lining up to be a huge year for Nintendo. With an ambitious lineup and an already stellar 2018 holiday season, it’s hard to see what else they may have up their sleeve. Even with such a promising future, speculations for more games to present themselves this coming year are flooding the internet. From hopes of Metroid Prime 4 to grace the fan base with its presence to possible HD remakes of Nintendo classics, the rumor mill is in full swing.

A popular speculation laced within the Nintendo hype is the possibility of a brand new addition to the Legend of Zelda franchise. Even though Breath of the Wild still seems to be fresh in everyone’s mind, it has been nearly two years since a new game of any capacity has been shown from the franchise. The gentlemen at Commonwealth Realm have picked up the mantle and, along with many other Nintendo IP’s, have thrown around their own ideas for what could possibly be the next Zelda installment. Ranging from a reworking of the Breath of the Wild engine, to a simpler 2D approach, they discuss a few different outcomes if Link decides to unsheathe his sword once again this year. Whether or not they’re in the vicinity of what may be to come, it’s still an interesting and intriguing take on the future of Hyrule.

What are your thoughts on the groups discussion of the coming year? Do you believe that Link and Zelda can take up arms against a new evil threatening Hyrule so soon? We’d love to hear your thoughts. You can check out the video below, or click here to view it on YouTube.