New Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Mods Now Let You Alter the Overworld and Shrines!

By Red
May 23, 2019

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a massive game that players can lose hundreds (or thousands!) of hours in. As if that wasn’t enough, the ability to mod the game has given it even longer legs! We’ve covered a few of Breath of the Wild’s mods here on TGPZ, but nothing quite as exciting as this: thanks to modder HailToDodongo, BotW modders now have the ability to completely change and customize both the overworld and the shrines! A video released by BSoD Gaming highlights the incredible capabilities of HailToDodongo’s new set of level creation tools, including showing off a shrine which has been modified into a replica of the Bob-omb Battlefield level of Super Mario 64. The video also highlights an update to modder Altros’ Too Many Options Graphics Pack, which allows a ton of customization options for Link. The update to the Too Many Options pack incorporates a multicultural character editor.

You can check out BSoD’s video below to see these powerful Breath of the Wild modding tools in action!


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