By Red
August 24, 2016

A new video clip posted on the official Legend of Zelda Facebook page shows off the variety of weapons Link can wield in Breath of the Wild. Some of the weapons highlighted include a giant sword, a battle axe, a fire rod, and even a Bokoblin arm! Each weapon appears to have its own style and special attacks, such as a spinning attack with the giant sword and a leaping flip attack with the battle axe.

The clip also briefly shows a new game play mechanic where your weapons appear to degrade over time and eventually break. It looks like you will get a pop-up notice on the screen when your weapon is close to breaking, and another once it is broken. I have never been a fan of weapons breaking down in games, but I’m excited to see what other weapons Link will find on his journey! You can check out the Facebook video from Legend of Zelda below.