By Red
December 14, 2017

YouTuber HMK has uncovered more evidence supporting his theory that there will be more downloadable content coming for Breath of the Wild! HMK’s argument centers around the fact that we are unable to max out both our hearts and stamina in BotW. If you complete all the original shrines in BotW, you will be twelve spirit orbs short of maxing out your health and stamina. The Champions’ Ballad DLC provided four more shrines with spirit orbs, allowing you to get either one more heart container or stamina vessel. HMK believes that there will be two more DLC packs coming next year, and that each DLC pack will provide us with four more spirit orbs, allowing us to finally max out our health and stamina.

What do you guys think? I think this evidence, along with the evidence HMK uncovered in the Breath of the Wild Explorer’s Guide (which you can read about here), makes a pretty compelling case that there’s more DLC coming! You can check out HMK’s video below or click here to view it on YouTube.