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Masked Courage: A Surreal and Short-Term Experience

By Anthony Melendez
September 29, 2017

Greetings everyone, welcome to my personal take on a certain fan-made animation entitled Masked Courage, which was done by Youtuber Majorlink. I watched it once and let me tell you this much: it is easily one of the most beautiful fan-made pieces of Zelda-related work I have ever seen. Firstly, the ambiguity of the Keaton character intrigued me to no end, and definitely left me speculating on the being behind the ever mysterious yellow mask. The subtle amount of red hair for example, led me to speculate that it could possibly be a young relative of Ganondorf or something of that nature, but at the same time, I would personally say the possibility of that is rather unlikely.

Secondly, I definitely have to give it points for the feel and vibe that it gives off, both environmentally and verbally. It has the trademark grunts that you would expect from any Zelda game: no words but just grunts and small emotes is all it needs (with the exception of Breath of the Wild of course). I thought it was complimented well with the Ocarina of Time atmosphere which included familiar locations such as Kakariko Village, Death Mountain and Hyrule Field. It impressed me that the Ocarina of Time environments were done to such a verbatim level, almost as if you were watching an animated form of the classic video game. Overall, it is visually and verbally appealing to the human eye and ear, respectively of course; therefore, you will find that it is very faithful to the series in these ways as a result.

Now for the one aspect of the animation that intrigued me so, yet caught me off guard the most: Link’s rather uncharacteristic behavior. Hardcore fans have arguably grown accustomed to the cold, collected, and almost fearless demeanor whenever he interacts or fights; however, in this animation, it almost completely deviates from that formula altogether, which is indeed a bold move when tampering with what could be considered to be a trademark in Link’s character. His behavior came off instead as uneasy, fearful, hesitant, and so on. That was the single aspect of the entire animation that really made its mark in my opinion. Overall, it was a beautiful, retro and visually appealing animation and I would highly recommend it for any Zelda or fan-made animation enthusiast.

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!