Malon has arrived and the family is doing great!

By Hick
September 6, 2016

My daughter Malon arrived on September 4th, 2016 at 11:20 AM. She weighed 8.2 lbs and was 20 inches long. Malon is not her real name. It’s the one we will be using for everything related to Two Guys Playing Zelda. Every one in the family is doing great. Malon is passing all her tests and mom is recovering more and more every day. As some of you may know, there will now be a commentary hiatus on our YouTube channel as I raise a newborn. We’re currently not sure how long this hiatus is going to be as this is the first child Red or I have had. We are thinking at least a month, but it could possibly be more. During the hiatus, there will also not be any rankings uploaded. Luckily, she allowed us to finish our Wind Waker HD Boss Ranking before she came. We also recently finished our Top 10 Zelda Dungeon Themes and Top 10 Zelda Games. Be sure to check out all 3 of those rankings! With Malon arriving, it might also cause a switch to where we record our commentary. We record at my house but may have to move it to Red’s apartment. We still plan on uploading videos frequently to YouTube. Right now we try to get videos up once a week. We are going to try and continue that but we can’t make any promises. We will continue to be on social media daily, so check there for updates. Twitter would be the best place to check. Thanks everyone for the continued support!

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