Majora’s Mask 3D 100% Playthrough Log – Preparing for Snowhead Temple (2 of 4)

By Zach Bowman
February 15, 2018

You can read part 1 here.

Favorite mask so far…

Photo courtesy of flickr user Holley And Chris Melton

In the quest to complete this game at 100%, I have been finding as many key items and masks as possible between dungeons. Having never done this kind of playthrough before, I am overjoyed to find several areas and items that I have not discovered before. I find the hidden pieces of heart containers to be the most exciting of my discoveries. The Sheikah stones sequence was particularly interesting as I had never bothered finding them all before and attempting to solve the riddle. It was well worth the time spent in order to obtain that next piece of heart.

A greater chunk of Link’s time on Termina was spent playing through the mini games in Clocktown and the swamp. I love the bow mini games and find those thrilling and natural to me. I’m a dead shot with that bow. The most troublesome by far was the treasure chest shop in East Clocktown, in which you must travel across the checkered floor in order to get to the chest. Different parts of the floor will randomly rise up to block the hero’s path. Something that looks like a simple hike across the floor turns into something much more devious. Not to mention Link can only obtain the piece of heart prize if he uses the Goron mask to alter his form to the preference of the shopkeeper.

With all of the fun side objectives out of the way, it’s time to head into Snowpeak. By far, this is my least favorite Temple in the game. With so many rooms on different levels of this tower like Temple, it is not at all difficult to lose one’s way. Backtracking in this Temple will be a chore, especially collecting all of the stray fairies! It almost makes me miss the Water Temple…just thinking of that Goron lullaby is lulling me into sleep.

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