Lorulean Counterparts: Opposites

By Eric Kooistra
July 15, 2018

As we know from The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, there exists a world parallel to Hyrule. It is known as Lorule. There are 3 individuals that are tied to their Hyrulean counterparts. Hilda, Ravio, and Yuga. We already know that Zelda, Link, and Ganon are connected respectively in that order. But what if I told you there’s a deeper connection?

At the end of the game we discover Ravio is in fact Link’s Lorulean counterpart. This is evident with his personality being drastically opposite from Link’s. He lacks courage, is a tad greedy, and hilariously enough, actually speaks. Hilda is no exception either. She was willing to do anything to restore her world by any means. Now while this isn’t too different from Zelda at first, Hilda went about it in the most irrational way. She made the mistake of trusting what is basically their world’s version of Ganon. What I’m getting at is that this was not something a person with “wisdom” would do. Yuga is also just as deep. He is already very different from Ganon due to his slim build, vain nature, and reliance on magic rather than “power”. What I believe is that Ravio, Hilda, and Yuga were destined for pieces of the Lorulean Triforce before it had to be destroyed. We do know its been stated that said Triforce was far too desirable by the people in Lorule. That was why it needed to be destroyed.

My theory is that by some twisted logic, these 3 would embody polar opposite Triforces of Hyrule’s Triforce. Ravio’s could be the Triforce of Cowardice. Let’s think about fear a bit. Yes, running away from your fears is never the answer. But accepting them will make you stronger. He was willing to use the last of his power to seek out his counterpart Link. Knowing he might have never found a way back home. Hilda perhaps could signify a hypothetical Triforce of Ignorance. They say ignorance is bliss. She was ignorant to Yuga’s true intentions. Sometimes to curb one’s issues, it does help to be ignorant. Hilda simply went about it all wrong. Yuga on the other hand could have beared the Triforce of Deception. Much like “power” it can be very dangerous in the hands of the wicked. If not for manipulating Hilda, the events of the entire game may have never happened. This is all just a crazy theory. But I’ll leave it up to you guys to think about it. Plus in terms of polar opposites, there are many ways to do it with Courage, Wisdom and Power.

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