Pitching the FIRST EVER Live-Action Legend of Zelda Film Series – Part 2: Astounding Power

By Usmania
February 13, 2020

A while back, I began a series on how I would write a live-action Legend of Zelda film series. If you need catching up, you can find Part 1 here.

In a nutshell, the first film in the trilogy focused on how Link, a regular farm boy with aspirations of becoming a Royal Knight stowed his fears to put himself on the path of achieving his lifelong dream. This feature sets up how the second movie of this trilogy would play out. However, I decided on a bit of a change in format. The first feature was written as an overview of the entire story. After a few suggestions from some of my fellow TGPZ writers, I decided to revert to my default setting, and that is to write the next two features as full fanfictions. So without further ado, dig in!

* * *

20 Years Ago:

After months of tension, things had finally come to a head. What was believed to remain a small skirmish had ignited into a full-blown war. The Hylian Royal Family decided to respond to this declaration of war with overwhelming force, to finally teach these troublesome upstarts from the Desert a lesson. “Soldiers! CHARGE!!” bellowed one of the commanding generals of the Hylian Knights. At this command, the army of knights did just that. They ran head first towards their opposing army. It was a large band of all-female warriors stood in the middle of a large valley. The front line of them were dressed in purple, the back line dressed in white. They all held out their spears in anticipation of their opponents. If a neutral observer was watching this battle, they could possibly only come to one conclusion, the Hylian Knights had this battle won before it even begun. Why wouldn’t they, with their superior numbers, weapons and willpower. Surely, their adversaries had no chance whatsoever? However, as the Hylian Knights were about to reach their targets, one of the would-be victims gave out a sinister laugh: “Ha ha ha. Did you blinkered fools really believe that we, the esteemed Gerudo, would stand here, presenting ourselves as your prey?” The women known as the Gerudo dropped their spears, tightened their fists and simultaneously threw something at the ground. Suddenly, thick, black smoke covered the whole valley. The Hylians could see absolutely nothing, not even the knights next to them. The battalion standing outside the valley were in a panic. All they could hear were screams of their own knights. When the smoke cleared, they were met with a dreadful sight. All the knights who went charging into the valley were on the ground soaked in blood. Standing over them were red haired females, but these were dressed in red and each of them wielded two scimitars.

“Look what your pomposity has sowed! Your best men, slain by our deadly warriors,” snarled one of the commanding Gerudos. A Hylian General replied: “Filthy Desert rats, who said these were our best men? You should start by looking at those above you, in every way possible, hu ha ha ha!” Those cryptic words soon came to be realized. Suddenly, Gerudo warriors began falling. Those still standing began looking up. At the top of the cliffs, either side of the valley were Hylian archers. They were raining down arrows upon the Gerudo, who were looking on in horror. They were sure that those wretched, arrogant Hylians had outsmarted them and were on the verge of victory. Suddenly, those same archers began holding their fire. They started looking behind themselves. However, whenever they did, they instantly fell off the cliff and into the valley. Upon inspection by the Gerudo, these fallen archers displayed strong and rather brutish sword marks. Once all the archers of one cliff had fallen, a horse was seen jumping onto the other cliff. The archers on this cliff also met the same, unfortunate end as their peers. The Hylian battalion looked in sheer horror.

Suddenly, the same horse jumped off the cliff and onto the main battlefield. This black horse had on its back a man. He also had red hair, but was clad in all-black armor. In his hand was a fearsome blade. The Gerudo all knelt down and clamored: “His Majesty has arrived!” The Hylian battalion instantly felt a sense of dread at the presence of the Gerudo King. They far outnumbered him, but such was his level of intimidation, no one dared approach to attack him. They couldn’t figure why. He was clearly a man in his early 20s, while most of them were fighters with years of experience. Suddenly, he began to speak. “He he he, what is the matter? Does my illustrious reputation really leave you speechless?” One of the Hylians finally built up the courage to shoot an arrow towards him; however, he swatted it away with his blade like a common flea. “You really thought such a pitiful attempt would bring down the Great Ganondorf? OK then, give me your best shot!” At this, the General screamed: “OPEN FIRE!!” The Hylians started shooting countless arrows towards the menacing Gerudo Chief, who simply swatted each and every one of the arrows away with minimal effort. Not even one of them touched him. “And here I was thinking at least one arrow would give me a scratch. How disappointing.” Around 20 knights charged in at Ganondorf with swords, spears and axes. However, none of them were a match. Ganondorf utterly brutalized them, smashing their weapons away and fatally slashing each of the knights. Terrified, one of the knights whimpered to the General: “Sir, we have no chance against such a monster, we need to retreat.”

The General was on the verge of acting upon this advice when suddenly, a voice was heard behind them. “Surrender? I don’t think so!” They turned around to see a man in his mid-30s calmly approach them. He had golden hair, prominent blue eyes and was adorned in a spectacular red robe. “Your Highness, Prince Daphnes, but… why have you come here?” He replied: “I have come to end this.” He walked past them and towards the Gerudo King. “Ganondorf, it is most unfortunate that it has come to this. But no more blood need be spilled. Put down your weapons and walk away, a path to peace can be worked out.” At this, Ganondorf gave a sinister smirk. “After I display my might by easily putting down your army like squealing dogs, do you begin to grovel for peace? Ha ha ha. The Hylian crown is in my grasp now, realizing this, you beg for mercy. You’re just another minor inconvenience in my way. After I’m done with you, I will descend upon your precious castle and recline upon the throne.” Prince Daphnes sighed. “Well, you give me no choice.”

From the sheath on his back, he took out his blade and calmly walked up to Ganondorf, who in turn jumped off his horse and brought out his own blade. Both charged up to one another and hit their blades together. Ganondorf took a strong swing at the Hylian Prince, who dodged it through a mid-air back flip. He then managed to land a slash on Ganondorf’s left arm, wounding him. After a few sword struggles, Ganondorf tripped Daphnes to the ground, tried to dig his sword into his body. Daphnes dodged in time, but Ganondorf landed a powerful right hook, sending Daphnes tumbling. He was on the ground a few yards away from Ganondorf, who was now going in for the kill. Daphnes, with his hand on the handle of his now resheathed blade, was slowly getting into a kneeling position. Ganondorf was on the verge of dealing what he believed would be the decisive blow, when Daphnes spun his body. He quickly took his sword out and in double-quick time, impaled Ganondorf right through his abdomen. Ganondorf gave a loud scream, blood was gushing out of his stomach. “And this, this is what you call the ultimate Hylian knight move, the Mortal Draw. It’s over. You were a very powerful warrior with tremendous talent, Ganondorf. I wish our people could have lived in harmony, but you decided to choose the path of war. Therefore, you reap what you sow.” Ganondorf, with his eyes looking more and more lifeless, slowly fell to the ground. The Gerudo looked on in absolute horror. Most of them decided to flee the scene.

Present Day:

“C’mon guys, whose gonna bring yours truly down?” It was late morning in the Hyrule Castle courtyard. The Academy of Royal Knights were going through their final training exercise before lunch. It was another day where Link was dominating his sparring partners. A year had passed since his defeating of the Dark Leviathan led to his enrollment into the Academy. It had been his lifelong ambition to be a Royal Knight, and now he was well on the way to achieving this dream. In fact, he was excelling at it. Three trainee knights all charged at Link, who managed to dodge them all with ease. “He he, you gotta do better than that, chums!” He then tripped one of them, hit the second one in the torso with his training weapon and pushed the third one away using his shield. All three were on the ground. “Well well, better luck next time boys,” taunted Link with a cheeky grin. Suddenly, he felt a strong force hit him right in the back. it sent him tumbling straight to the ground. “Getting ahead of yourself now, short fry!” Standing over him was Ornord. He was classed as the tallest, heaviest and most powerful Knight in Training at the Academy. “Ahead of myself? Boy oh boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet, my friend.” Link gave a more sinister-looking grin. He tightened his left fist, on which a glowing green triangle surfaced. Link’s eyes began to glow green. He lept up, jumped at Ornord and dealt several quick slashes at him with his training sword. Ornord fell to the ground. Link was about to hit him once more when a loud, stern voice abruptly stopped them. “Link! That’s quite enough!”

Link’s eyes turned back to their normal color, the green triangle on his fist disappeared. He turned around to see an imposing figure. It was the King’s most senior adviser and Head of the Academy, General Fronagond. “The session is now dismissed!” With this, Ornord and the other trainees got up from the ground and left the premises. Link stayed standing where he was. “Hey teach, what was that for? I was gonna mop the floor with Ornord there,” spoke a clearly irritated Link. “First of all, that’s General Sir to you. And secondly, as admirable as your willpower for battle training is, using the Triforce of Courage is certainly overkill. Considering that you still don’t have full command over its power, there’s a big risk you may unintentionally hurt someone badly.” At this, Link began to laugh. “What’s there to worry about? I have such an awesome teacher like you, General. I surely can’t go wrong.” Fronagond put his hand on Link. “I know my boy, Definitely you are one of my finest students. But I am, after all, the head of security. I would be failing my duty if someone were to get hurt under my watch. Just don’t be reckless. But I think it’s time you went and satiated yourself.” “Yahoo, oh yeah!! It’s munching time.” Link turned around and ran out of the courtyard. Link was hurrying towards the Castle dining place when suddenly, he heard a voice. “Looks like someone’s eager for a bite to eat!” Link turned around to see, in his mind, a real sight for sore eyes: Princess Zelda. His normally confident and laid back persona would always go slightly haywire around her presence. “Oh really Princess? Maybe I’m just trying to gain some extra fitness.” Zelda began to laugh. “Fitness for what exactly? Filling your stomach?” Smiling, Link stated, “Well, if that’s really the case, why don’t we fill our stomachs together?” “He he, you’re gonna have to work for that Link. You have night security duty. If you can do that properly, then I maaaay think about it.” Link responded “I’m gonna hold you to that, Princess.” Link then gave Zelda a trademark wink and scurried off towards the dining place. “What a maverick. But he’s so cool,” Zelda muttered to herself, smiling and slightly blushing.

Afterwards, Zelda made her way to the Castle Dungeons. She entered the main prisoner enclosure and walked to the end of the corridor where the main prisoner was traditionally held. “Ah look, the Princess returns!” clamoured a white-haired middle aged woman. “How are you? You must be getting sick of the sight of me, Lady Impa,” replied a melancholic Zelda. “Lady Impa eh? I have no idea what I have done exactly to merit such flattery, my naive Princess. But I assure you, you are probably highly mistaken, especially given how I played my active part in trying to turn your precious kingdom to dust.” To this, Zelda just smiled. “I am well aware. But I am also aware of what pure evil is. And I do not see pure evil in your eyes. Instead, I always see someone who was led astray and acted in frustration due to their unfavorable circumstances. And when I see someone such as that, I believe they can be brought back to the path of good.” Impa laughed and stated: “Well, you’re just going to waste your time, like you have been for the last year coming here regularly trying to convince me that I’m secretly good.” “Impa. I don’t care how long I have to keep trying, I’m never giving up on you.” With that, Zelda turned around and began walking away. Suddenly, she heard the words: “Ha, never giving up? Just like her mother.” Swiftly, Zelda turned back around. “What did you say?” Zelda’s default cheery expression had instantly become unusually serious. Surprised, Impa stood up. “Oh dear, looks like your hearing is ripe indeed.” But to the point, Zelda inquired: “What did you say about my mother?” Giving a subtle smile, Impa stated: “Yes, you are wise beyond your years to point out that my tough upbringing left me vulnerable to exploitation by the Legion of the Sacred Eye, who promised to give me purpose in my life. And on one of my first missions, I was tasked with taking out a Hylian travelling party. I went in to do just that, however, little did I know that the Queen of Hyrule was part of that party. My experience back then was young and her skills in battle dwarfed even yours when we fought last year. She defeated me with ease and had the option of ending me there and then, but with the same kind eyes as yours, uttered those same words as those uttered by you, how she sees good in me. She let me go.” With these words, Zelda’s eyes swelled up with tears. In haste, she unlocked Impa’s prison door and with an emotional voice, declared: “Go, Impa. You are now free.” Shocked, Impa asked: “Just like that, you’re letting me go?” Zelda replied: “If mother saw in you what I see, then there’s no more reason to keep you here. If any guard sees you, I will explain everything to them. Just go.” Still baffled, Impa replied: “You know, you could be making the biggest, most fatal mistake of your life, my naive Princess. What’s to stop me from killing you?” With a visible bit of anger, Zelda stated: “You won’t kill me. Now go!” With that, Impa walked past Zelda, but before leaving the dungeon, gloated, “Never mind the guards. I’m a Sheikah. Stealth is a hallmark of our people.” Impa then left. Zelda walked into the prison where Impa was being held. She burst into tears. Her mother had gone on an expedition 10 years back and never returned. Despite the Kingdom’s best efforts, she’d never been found. It had finally been assumed that she’d perished. Zelda missed her so much and Impa’s narration of the story had moved her to the point that she released her from captivity. After a little while, Zelda composed herself and left the dungeon.

That night, it was indeed Link’s turn for night patrol. After the sun would rise, Link would be free to go back to his parents at the farm for a couple of days. Although he was now where he wanted to be, training as a knight at the castle, it certainly didn’t mean he didn’t miss the farm. Lazing around with the horses on the field, the voice of his mother telling him off, his father calling out to the animals, but most of all his little sister laughing and playing with the horses. But he did get to go back every five days for a couple of days. And he certainly cherished those days. “Man, what a cool night it is. But not as cool as when I finally become a knight, work my way towards General and most of all, make Zelda my wife.” However, his pleasant thoughts were short-lived. “Link, watch out! Thief! THIEF!” On the courtyard balcony, Link could see a dark figure scurrying away. In haste, Link hurried up the stairs to the balcony to give chase. Whoever it was, they were fast. Link began shooting arrows at the intruder, but they were displaying phenomenal agility in dodging them whilst on the run. But they had now come to the edge of the courtyard balcony. “Looks like you have nowhere to run. Now turn yourself in, thief!” However, the figure paid no attention. “OK then, guess I’m gonna have to do something a bit, let’s say, unconventional.” Link brought out a different weapon from his pocket. It was long and crooked. “Now, taste my boomerang!” Link threw it at the intruder, but in one movement, they put their hand back, and without looking, caught the boomerang. They then turned their face. Link looked in shock. This intruder was a woman. A woman with red hair, mouth covered and dressed in red and black. Without uttering a word, she threw something to the ground, leading to thick smoke materializing. Link began to cough heavily. Once he gathered himself, he saw the smoke had cleared, but so had the red-haired thief. “Damn it, I lost her!”

The next morning, Link was summoned by the King himself. Inside the King’s office stood the King, Fronagond and Zelda. Link immediately knelt down and in a slightly nervous voice stated: “Your Highness, I can explain…” But before he could finish, the King spoke: “Don’t worry, I received reports from the Royal Guards. This was no ordinary thief. Whoever it was, they had skills which were robust and sophisticated. As you were the one to get closest to the thief, my boy, all you need to tell me is how they looked.” “Sure, Your Majesty. You are correct in saying it was no ordinary thief. They looked like from a race I’ve never seen before. The thief was in fact a woman with red hair and mouth covered.” Link intended to add more detail to his description of the intruder, but the King abruptly cut him off. “Then this confirms what I have long feared. They’ve begun to regroup.” Startled, Link inquired, “Who?” The King, with a troubled expression, replied, “This is going to be a long story. But as an aspiring Royal Knight, you need to know this. The Kingdom of Hyrule has generally maintained peace between the different races inhabiting it. However, there was one such race which always put this to the test. West of the castle exists a desert, and inhabiting that desert were a race of women known as the Gerudo. They had always taken an adversarial approach towards the rest of Hyrule’s races, never leaving any opportunity to cause tensions. Their scope only remained to the level of creating isolated incidents of trouble, however, that changed 45 years ago. The Gerudo finally begot a male child. A child with incredible power and talent. And due to such talent, the Gerudo anointed him their King from a very tender age. This child went by the name of Ganondorf. He was as clever as he was powerful and in his teenage years, turned the desert into a Gerudo mini-state. Seeing this, the King from that time, my father, attempted to conduct peace talks with Ganondorf, but all these efforts remained fruitless. At the same time, Gerudo-initiated incidents were rising in frequency and seriousness. Ganondorf was clearly on a path of war with the rest of the Kingdom. And one day, one of these incidents had gone too far, signalling a declaration of war by the Gerudo. Ganondorf’s intentions were clear. He wanted rule over the whole of Hyrule. So his army began entering Central Hyrule, taking on one of our main battalions. And had I not personally intervened in that battle when I was merely Prince, Ganondorf would have won and penetrated Castle Town and who knows what would have happened at that point. I had to end him there and then. And for a good amount of time, my actions were vindicated. Ganondorf’s defeat and death crippled the Gerudo. Their people regressed severely from that point, reverting back to their bandit-like state. However, in recent years, signs of a Gerudo return are becoming troublingly apparent. And the incident last night confirms my fears. They have stolen some important Sheikah artifacts. We are going to need much heightened security around the castle. But we Hylians can only do so much. We need reinforcements with extra strengths. So it is my decision that we enlist the people of the mountain, the Goron, to help us. They have been our sworn friends for many years. So Link, I task you with visiting Goron City to meet with their leader, Darbus the Ventripotent, and convince him to send some men to help with our security efforts.” Smiling, Link declared: “At your service, Your Highness!”

The next morning, Link mounted upon his childhood horse, Epona and rode out of Castle Town. “Goron City eh? I remember some of those guys coming to the farm when I was little. Used to trade stuff with my father. Seemed like a pleasant bunch to me, so getting them to come down to Hyrule Castle should be a cinch!” Link muttered to himself. Suddenly, he felt a harsh, rapid breeze hit him. He stopped Epona. “What was that?” And again, but this time, came from his right side. And a third time, from the front, which ended up knocking Link off of Epona. “Well well well, if it isn’t messenger boy off on another mission again?” Link picked himself up and looked at the tree to see a familiar figure. It was the Holu, the member of the birdlike Rito tribe. “Attacking me from the back and side? Congratulations, you just evolved from a bird into a chicken!” taunted back Link. Ever since the milk delivery incident in Castle Town a year back, Link and Holu had developed a personal rivalry. “Chicken, eye. Well isn’t it gonna be so embarrassing when you get your backside handed to you by a chicken.” Holu took out his spear, Link unsheathed his Recruit Sword and both began to battle. When they had fought in the past, the Rito was clearly on a different level to Link; however this time, Link’s training at the Knight Academy made this latest tussle even. Link aimed a quick flurry of hits which Holu blocked with his spear. He then knocked Link back and hit him hard on the side, sending him to the ground. Holu then trained his spear at Link’s face. “And there it is. Another win for me, messenger boy!” Furious and humiliated, Link was beginning to tighten his fist, on the verge of harnessing his Triforce energy, however, he quickly remembered Fronagond’s words from earlier. As much a heated rivalry he has with Holu, he couldn’t let his urge to one-up his rival put him in danger, given he hadn’t yet fully gained control of this power. Link stood up and angrily declared: “At this point, I’m just letting you win, my beaked friend! My true power would send you crying back to your village, humiliated and retired from fighting.” “If it helps you sleep at night, then be my guest at telling yourself that bogus story,” taunted Holu. “Anyhow, I have to make my way to Goron City, Royal mission.” At this, Holu began to laugh. “You’re just as naive as before. You really think you’re just going to waltz into Goron City dressed like that? Deare me. You’ve probably missed out one small little detail. You have a mountain to scale just to get there. A mountain with sweltering heat, sudden outpours of lava, not to mention, crazy mountain creatures hell bent on eating your face. No wonder why people refer to it as “Death” mountain, given the high likelihood you will meet Lady Death herself before meeting a single Goron.” Link enquired: “Then how do I get up there?” “Simple, Link. Become a Rito like me and fly up there.” Holu said it with a cheeky grin because he knew it would get under Link’s skin. But then he added: “Rumor has it that a shop near the river under Death Mountain sells special armor and heat-resistant elixirs, but they’re rather expensive. That’s all I’m gonna tell you. Now good luck seeing the Gorons, you’ll need it.” With that, Holu flew off. “Jerk!” Link clamored.

Link managed to reach that exact shop and although the gear he needed was expensive, his Knight Academy emblem on the uniform meant he was able to obtain it all free of charge, as was the Hylian law for knights or trainees. He was clear to scale Death Mountain. Although Holu had become somewhat an irritation to Link’s pride as a knight, he had to admit to himself that had he not been beaten by Holu to the Milk Bar in Castle Town a year back, the sequence of events leading him towards where he was now may well have never happened. As much as he loved his family and the farm, he would probably be stuck there, still afraid to overcome his battle fears and thus never enrolling into the Knight’s Academy. Deep down, he knew he owed Holu a great debt, despite how bizarre that sounded. “OK Death Mountain, do your worst!!” bellowed Link as he began the trek. Immediately, he felt as if he had been thrown into lava. Saying the heat was sweltering would be an understatement. Under normal circumstances, there’d be no way he would last longer than five minutes. But that’s when he drank the heat elixir. The heat seemed significantly less treacherous. Now he was truly able to proceed. He was met with a number of spider-like creatures which had the ability to spit out fire, however, the special armor he had picked up from the shop provided useful resistance to these attacks, allowing Link to slay these creatures rather easily. “Ha, it’s gonna take a lot more than a few measly spiders to challenge Hyrule’s future number one knight.” Suddenly, the ground began to shake violently. Link looked up. He saw a plethora of red rocks hurling down at him. Frantically, Link began running. The rocks were landing all over the place. He had to use all the agility he had gained in the past year just to stay alive. Some of these rocks shattered upon hitting the ground and the resulting smaller pieces kept hitting Link whilst he attempted to dodge. But then he felt a heavy force hit his head. This made him begin to black out. He was sure that the end was nigh for him, especially given a huge rock was heading straight for him. Then out of nowhere, a heavy figure jumped on top of him. He felt a massive thud emanating from the back of this figure. Undoubtedly, the rock had hit this figure on the back, but for some reason, it did nothing to him. The figure was a light-brown to orange color, with a massive round body, arms and legs, a circular head and a huge grin. “Dude, you really thought coming up here was a wise idea?” Before Link could respond, Link fell unconscious.

After feeling like being run over by a boar, Link began opening his eyes. He was in a dark room. He sensed that he was surrounded by a number of bodies. Link sat up to see many more figures resembling the one who saved him from the falling rocks. Another one then entered the room. “Hello Hylian. Looks like one of those rocks from the earlier eruption put you in a little sleep.” Link replied, “I assume I’m in Goron City now and you were my Goron in shining armor right?” With that, the Goron gave a grin and began laughing loudly. “Yeah bro! Should have seen the look on your face when those rocks came falling at you. It was a sight to behold!” With that, all the Goron erupted into laughter. Clearly irritated, Link exclaimed “Yeah, haha, very funny. Wouldn’t be laughing now if instead of rocks it was raindrops.” That sentence put a dampener to the laughter. Link continued: “Anyway, I have been sent by Hyrule’s King to speak with your leader, Darbus the Ventripotent.” With this, the Goron began looking at one another with mischievous expressions. One of them replied: “Sure enough. Just walk through this door, and at the end of the corridor is his enclosure. Have fun!” With that, Link exited the room and made his way to the Goron leader’s enclosure. However, there was no Goron leader to be found. “Umm, hello? Calling Mr. Darbus. Mr. Darbus? Any sign of Mr Darbus?” Link was calling out when suddenly, a huge shadow was emerging on the ground. it was getting bigger and bigger. Link took evasive measures. A giant figure landed, causing the ground to shake massively. The figure then stood up. Definitely a Goron, however, it was double the size of a regular dweller of Goron City. It was muscular, but sported a massive, rock-hard belly. “MR. DARBUS?!! INSOLENCE!! THAT’S DARBUS THE VENTRIPOTENT TO YOU!!” Link was visibly intimidated, but had to fulfill the King’s request. “Greetings, Goron Chief. I am Link. Link the Hylian Knight in training. And on behalf of the King of Hyrule I have a request.” But before Link could finish, Darbus cut in: “YOU, COMING AT THE KING’S REQUEST? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA!! IS THAT HOW SMALL HE THINKS OF HIS SWORN BROTHER NOW?? DOESN’T COME TO MEET ME IN PERSON, AND NOW SENDS MESSAGES IN THE HANDS OF SUCH A SMALL FRY?! PREPOSTEROUS!!” At this, Link gave a wry smile and stated: “Well, good things come to those who wait I suppose. The King is gonna honor you with the chance to send some of your men to Hyrule Castle for extra security. You see, there’s some bad ladies trying to cause us trouble. So we need the brilliance of the mighty Goron for some help.” At this, Darbus began laughing even more hysterically: “REALLY, JUST LIKE THAT?? NO SMALL FRY, IT AIN’T WORK LIKE THAT. IF KING DAPHNES TRUSTED SOMEONE LIKE YOU, I HAVE TO SEE IT FOR MYSELF!! I’M GONNA CUT YOU A DEAL, SMALL FRY. MAKE YOUR WAY INTO THE GORON MINES, FIND AND BEAT 4 OF MY MAIN SOLDIERS, TAKE THEIR KEYS AND ENTER THE CENTRAL CHAMBER. DO THAT AND SOME OF MY BEST SOLDIERS ARE ALL YOURS!!! WHADDYA SAY??” Thinking to himself, Link didn’t really have a choice. Besides, it would act as some good knight training and experience for him. With a huge grin, Link gave Darbus a thumbs up and declared: “Darbus the Ventripotent, you got yourself a deal!” After that, Darbus turned around, went to the end of the room and opened a huge door made out of rock. “Here you go Link, knock yourself out!” With great confidence, Link began entering the Goron Mines.

Meanwhile, back at Central Hyrule, Zelda was returning from an audience with the Rito leadership. She smiled at her two attendants and stated: “That was a rather pleasant meeting. The Rito have always been a nice, outward-looking people ever ready to welcome anyone to their village.” One of the attendants replied: “Absolutely, Princess. The Rito are a great asset to this Kingdom. As are most of the races here. Shame not every race could… AAAHH!” The attendant’s words were cut short when what looked like a spear went through his chest. The same dire fate met the other attendant. “He he he. Well, well, wonder which race he was talking about?” In visible shock, Zelda turned around to see two women in red hair. They were two Gerudo warriors. The other Gerudo sniggered: “One fresh Princess, right in front of us to kill.” Zelda was not dressed and prepared for battle. Her two attendants tasked with protecting her had already been killed. She had no choice but to retreat. She got her horse to run fast towards Hyrule Caste, however, one of the Gerudo women threw her spear at the horse, hitting it on the backside. The horse immediately collapsed, making Zelda fall off of it and tumble to the ground. She was now in a vulnerable state, no weapon to protect her and no means of escape as the two Gerudo women were closing in on her having retrieved their spears. “Wh…Why are you doing this? I mean you no harm,” stated a terrified Zelda. “He he he. This is going to be sweet. Your father killed our King. Now we get to kill you. Long live the Princess!” One of the Gerudo was about to stab Zelda when suddenly, they heard the sound of a sturdy horse charging at them. A figure then jumped off the horse and landed in front of Zelda. It was General Fronagond. “You vermin will not harm the Princess under my watch. Begone!” One of the Gerudo then tried to hit Fronagond with her spear, but Fronagond brought out his sword and hit the spear with such ferocity that it shattered into pieces. He then gave a rather intimidating look towards the Gerudo, who subsequently looked at one another and decided to flee. Fronagond then turned around. “Your Highness, are you OK?” Immediately, Zelda jumped up, ran towards Fronagond and embraced him tightly. “If it weren’t for you, goodness knows what would have happened to me. Thank you so, so much,” spoke an emotional Zelda. “My duty is to serve you and the Royal Family, Your Highness. I will always be there to protect you.” With this, Fronagond took Zelda back to the castle.

Link made his grand entrance into the Goron Mines. “Right, now this should be interesting,” he said to himself. He drank another bottle of heat elixir and proceeded further. The mines were a real challenge to trek through. Link had prior experience of going through the Zora Temple, and he decided to apply this experience to improvise in completing the mission set out for him by Darbus the Ventripotent. He finally entered a rather empty room, with only a platform surrounded by a moat of lava. However, standing in the middle of this platform was a Goron. “He he. You made it, short fry! But I hate to be the one to break this to you. You’re gonna have to make us Goron fall off this platform in order to get your key. And I’m gonna be the Goron to send you back disappointed to your King!” Link laughed and declared: “Yeah, you wish. Now give me one of the four keys!” The Goron shrivelled into a ball and began rolling towards Link. Link jumped over him. However, the Goron changed direction and kept coming at Link, who could do nothing but dodge. The Goron then stood up and mocked: “You gonna keep dodging me all day, short fry? C’mon, at least try and push me off.” He then shriveled back into a ball and came at Link. However, Link ran to one of the edges of the platform. He then decided to dangle off of the edge. He suddenly couldn’t hear the sound of the Goron rolling around the platform any longer. Quietly, Link pulled himself back onto the platform. Before him, he saw the Goron at the other side of the platform looking down at the lava, confused: “He he. Looks like little Knight decided to run home.”

Link then took off his Hylian Shield, grabbed it with both hands and charged full throttle at the unsuspecting Goron, who didn’t turn around until it was too late. Link knocked him off the edge of the platform and into the lava moat. Annoyed the Goron stood up in the lava, whilst Link with a smug look mocked: “Looks like all that rolling dimmed your hearing senses my friend.” He then put his hand out and said: “Key, please.” Annoyed, the Goron took out one of the four keys to the Central Chamber, threw it up to Link and replied: “Don’t get too cocky, short fry. You still have to beat my three other brothers.” Smiling, Link proudly declared: “Should be a piece of cake!” After more exploring of the Goron Mines, Link reached another room with another platform, and with it, another Goron. “Let me guess, I’m gonna have to send you falling into the lava moat like one of your brothers,” stated Link. Without saying a word, the Goron shriveled into a ball and rolled towards Link. Confidently, Link dodged and like before, went and dangled off the edge of a side of the platform. When the Goron stopped and stood up to see where Link went, Link got back onto the platform and as before, held his shield before him. “These Gorons are slow and predictable, he he,” he thought to himself while charging at the Goron. However, just before Link was to make contact, the Goron turned around smiling and shoulder-barged Link back. “He he. You really thought that trick would work out twice, my little Hylian friend? Unfortunately for you, my brother you defeated before got here before you and told me your strategy. So it’s the end of the road for you now.” He then shriveled back into a ball and sped at Link, who barely dodged. “Damn it, he knew what I’d do. Stupid Goron from before. I have to think of something else,” Link was thinking to himself. He was only dodging at the moment. He knew he had to come up with something, otherwise he would lose the challenge.

Then an idea came to his mind. The hookshot he’d obtained from the Zora Temple was still in his keep. The tensile strength of the item was strong enough to pull in certain monsters. Worth a try, he thought to himself. So he waited until the next moment the Goron ball would try to hit him. After his latest dodge, he quickly brought out the hookshot, aimed and fired it towards the Goron and it promptly latched onto its back. The Goron’s rolling had significantly slowed down. However, Link was using a lot of his strength just to hold on. It was using every ounce of strength training Link had undergone at the Knight’s Academy. Likewise, the Goron was rolling as hard as it could to break free of the hookshot’s grasp. Link was slowly being pulled forward by the Goron. But just when the Goron had come pretty close to the edge of the platform, Link unlocked the hookshot’s grip. The sudden breaking free from the hookshot caused the Goron to roll forward with great momentum. The momentum caused the Goron to roll off of the edge and into the lava moat. The Goron then stood up and was also subject to the sight of a smug-looking Link looking down at him from the platform with his hand out for the second key. The Goron simply smiled and said: “Wow, that was a pretty clever trick dude! I did not ever see that coming, literally as well as metaphorically. But I guess it took a lot out of ya. Which is why I’m gonna help make things easier for you. Go through that little door next to the entrance and you should see something to amaze you.” Excited, Link ran through the little door and found a treasure chest. In great haste, Link opened it to find what looked like an over-sized hammer. Taking it and coming back out with a puzzled face, Link enquired: “What am I supposed to do with this giant hammer?” Smiling, the Goron stated: “This is a weapon of speciality for us Goron. It’s called the Megaton Hammer. It has the power to break down walls and send adversaries flying back miles. You have two more of my brothers to face. This hammer should make those encounters a breeze.” Skeptical, Link responded: “As much as I appreciate having a fancy, new weapon to bash enemies with, what’s the catch here?” “HA HA HA! You gotta stop being so inquisitive, little knight! I’m actually on your side. I want you to win the challenge, so that I can go to your castle and kick some butt!” With that, he threw Link the second key.

Link left the room and after even more exploration, reached another platformed room. This time, Link rushed to the middle of the platform, faced up to the Goron and taunted: “Right, big fella. Knock me off!” Slightly irritated, the Goron replied: “Confident aren’t you shrimp? Let’s take you down.” As expected, he also shriveled up into a ball and came towards Link. This time however, Link brought out his newly-acquired Megaton Hammer and just before the Goron made contact with him, swung it back and then forwards with the force of a giant moblin with a club. The Goron went flying into the air and into the lava moat. Quickly, the Goron stood up and bellowed: “Hey! Where did you get that from?” Link replied: “Ah this? Well you shouldn’t leave your important stuff lying around should you?” He didn’t want to reveal the fact that it was merely given to him by another Goron. Angry, the Goron just took out the key and uttered: “Ah, just take this and go,” throwing it up at Link. Happily, Link skipped out of the room and after his last bit of exploration of the Mines, got to the 4th and final platformed room. “He he. You might as well just give me the key now, tough guy,” snarled Link. The Goron remarked: “Really now? I maybe your final hurdle, but trust me, it will be your hardest.” Unexpectedly, the Goron didn’t shrivel into a ball. It walked up to Link and pushed him back with force. Link went up to him to try and push him back, but to very little avail. The Goron was pretty strong. Again, he pushed Link back with even more force than before. It almost caused Link to fall off the platform. This led Link to bring out the Megaton Hammer. He ran up to the Goron and swung a strike at him, causing him to fall a good few yards back. However, Link was in no mood to rest there. He kept hitting and pushing him further to the edge, until eventually, the Goron succumbed and fell off. Huffing and heavily panting, Link started jumping up and down in celebration. “Yeah!! I win!!” The Goron replied: “Indeed, you are some knight. Here, take this key and go to the Central Chamber.” Link obtained the key and made his way to the Central Chamber door. Using the keys, he opened the door. “These Goron were strong and fun, but hey, you can’t keep down the future number one knight of Hyrule!” Link confidently said to himself. He entered the Central Chamber to see hoards of Goron each standing on mini-platforms attached to the walls of the chamber. Link went and stood in the middle of the main platform and declared: “I see. After my overwhelming victory, all you Goron are stood here waiting for me to pick who will come to Hyrule Castle as guards. OK, let’s see…” However, he was cut out by the sound of a huge shudder behind him. He turned around to see a familiar figure. “AH HA HA HAHA HA!!! YOU MADE IT THIS FAR, SHORT FRY. BUT WHO SAID THE CHALLENGE WAS FINISHED??!” It was Darbus. “We had a deal. And I held my end of the bargain fair and square, Darbus. Now let me choose which Goron will be coming to Hyrule Castle,” replied a visibly vexed Link. “AH HA HA HA HA!! THERE’S JUST ONE ITTY, BITTY LITTLE THING KID. ONE LAST CHALLENGE!! DEFEAT ME, THROW ME INTO THE LAVA MOAT AND YOU COMPLETE THE CHALLENGE!!”

Oh dear me. I had my work cut out defeating those other four Goron. Now their leader? How am I gonna get him off the edge? Link thought to himself. But he had no choice. Darbus merely stood at the middle of the platform with a cheeky grin. Link got out his Megaton Hammer and hit him with all the might he had. However, the hammer simply bounced off of Darbus’ belly. “HAHAHA!! THEY AIN’T CALL ME DARBUS THE VENTRIPOTENT FOR NOTHING!!” Link kept on aiming blows at Darbus, but none of them made any difference. Darbus was unmoved. He firmly pushed Link back. Near the edge, Link ran behind Darbus, took out his hookshot and fired it at Darbus’ back. He tried pulling Darbus towards him, but nothing happened. Link had to reel the hookshot back in before it broke. “LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE ALL OUT OF GIMMICKS, SMALL FRY, TIME TO END THIS!!” bellowed Darbus, who charged at Link with great pace. Link barely dodged. However, Darbus was onto him rapidly. Link had no time to react. Darbus grabbed hold of him and hurled him off the platform, to the loud cheers of the Goron. Link was falling towards the lava. His life would remain intact, given his armor provided resistance to lava, but he was seconds from officially losing the challenge. Quickly, he got out his hookshot, fired it to the edge of the platform and dangled on the edge. He had to think of a plan. Using his Triforce power could help; however, as Fronagond had told him, using it at this stage could be unpredictable and dangerous as he still had to learn to control it. But he had to do something. “I KNOW YOU’RE THERE, SHORT FRY!! YOUR BEST BET IS SURRENDER!! C’MON, I KNOW YOU WANT TO!!” Link got back onto the platform. Smiling, he declared: “Surrender? That is a rather unfamiliar word to the future number one knight. Now bring it!!” Link’s eyes again gave off the familiar green glow and his fist displayed that green triangle. Link got out his Megaton Hammer, jumped into the air and slammed the hammer into the ground. The platform both Link and Darbus were on shattered into pieces. “AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” screamed Darbus, who fell with great force into the lava below. The Gorons looked on in shock. Once the rubble cleared, Darbus was lying belly up in the lava, with an angry expression. However, Link was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, one of the spectator Gorons pointed upwards. There he was. Link was dangling off one of the rocks on the ceiling with one hand clasped on his hookshot. Genius, Link had thought to himself. There was no way he could take down a force of nature such as Darbus using his own strength. And as agreed with Fronagond, he couldn’t yet use his Triforce power on an adversary for fear of their safety. The challenge was to get Darbus to fall into the lava. So he came up with the plan to use his Triforce power for merely a moment to destroy the platform they stood on, but then use his hookshot to safety in the last second. He then grappled down to one of the free platforms on the side of the chamber. Link and the Gorons made their way back to Goron City. Darbus brought Link to his enclosure. “WELL SHORT FRY, GOTTA TELL YA, I NEVER KNEW KNIGHTS LIKE YOU STILL EXISTED!! YOUR KING AND I USED TO DO THESE CHALLENGES ALL THE TIME BEFORE HE BECAME KING, AND TELL YOU WHAT, YOU REALLY REMIND ME OF HIM!!!” Link was extremely flattered on the inside, but wanting to exude his confident personality on the outside, laughed: “It was nothing! If I wanted, I could do this in my sleep, he he!” All the Goron listening outside laughed. “YEP, NOW YA TOTALLY REMIND ME OF HIM!! MY STRONGEST GORON WILL BE AT THE KING’S DISPOSAL FROM DAWN TOMORROW!!” With that, Link and Darbus shook hands. But Darbus then began patting Link in the back. Each pat felt like he was the one being hit by a Megaton Hammer. But he was ever so proud of himself. The mountain folk were no mugs when it came to beating them in challenges. He could now make his way back to Hyrule Castle with his head held high.

After exiting Goron City, Link began his return journey. But the Goron had told him of an easier way to get back. If he were to go a little further up the mountain, he would find a mini-plateau where he could slide off of the edge onto the back ridge on his Hylian Shield. The ridge would take him straight back onto Hyrule Field. Link reached the mini-plateau when he heard his stomach rumble. “Woah. I’m so hungry right now I could eat a Dodo…” However, his words were cut short when he felt an uneasy presence. He looked behind to see a familiar figure. “You!!! What are you doing here?!” It was the castle thief from the other day. Same red hair, olive skin, covered mouth and red and black attire. Link unsheathed his blade and charged at the Gerudo. She immediately dodged. Following that, she brought out two Scimitars. “Oh yeah, you steal from the castle, run like a coward fearing a hiding from me, and now after all my travelling, decide to fight me? How classy.” Link and the Gerudo clashed blades with one another for what seemed like a good few moments. They seemed evenly-matched. No one was able to get the other hand. Until suddenly, Link waited for the Gerudo to aim a hit. With perfect timing, Link forcefully pushed his shield back at her, making her fall back. Link then slashed the Gerudo in the midriff, causing her to drop her swords and kneel down. Link trained his sword at her face. “OK Gerudo. You’re gonna tell me everything. Who are you and what do you want with us!?” The Gerudo then uncovered her mouth. “He he. You know nothing, naive child! I am Nabosa, leader of Gerudo Defector Squad. I must admit, you’re a fierce combatant.” Link replied: “Of course. I was trained by the greatest warrior of Hyrule at the present day, General Fronagond.” With that, Nabosa began giving a mocking laughter. “Really? That’s what he calls himself now, wow.” Link gave a very puzzled look: “What do you mean by that. Answer me!!” “This General Fraudagond, or whatever he’s chosen to name himself, isn’t who you think he is, little voe.” This enraged Link, who brought his sword closer to Nabosa. “LIAR!! Why would I believe a pathetic criminal like yourself? Anymore nonsense from you, and I put you down here and now!” Nabosa then began taking something out of her pocket. “Ha ha. If you really value the truth so much voe, then take this. Consider it penance for my theft of the other day. But I did it for a reason. It is an ancient relic made by the Sheikah people called the Lens of Truth. Aim it at anything, and it will expose their darkest hidden secrets. Use it on you beloved General if you truly have any ounce of courage within you.” Catching Link off guard, Nabosa quickly stood up, threw something at the ground. Thick smoke covered the immediate vicinity. Link closed his eyes and began coughing. Once the smoke cleared, Link opened his eyes. Nabosa had disappeared. The only thing left was the Lens of Truth, on the ground. Link picked it up, got out his Hylian Shield and slide all the way down the ridge. But he was silent, not being able to enjoy the ride down. He got back onto Hyrule Field to find Epona where he left her and rode back to Hyrule Castle. But again, he was serious and silent.

Link returned back to Hyrule Castle and went straight to the King’s throne room, where both Zelda and General Fronagond were waiting to welcome him back. “Ah, welcome back Link. Were you able to convince the Goron to send some men to us?” With a stoic expression, Link replied: “Yes, Your Majesty. They will arrive at dawn tomorrow.” “Excellent! Well done Link my boy. Join us for the banquet in an hour.” “Yes, Your Majesty.” And with that, Link bowed, turned around and walked away. “Hmm, how strange. He seems rather on the serious side,” remarked a bemused King Daphnes. The banquet was underway with the King, General Fronagond, Link, Zelda and some other nobles. Usually, Link would be extremely excited with whatever food that was on offer, making witty comments about his training of the day. But today was different. Link was neither eating very much nor talking. It was to a very uncomfortable level. Zelda decided to break the silence. “Ahem. Link, you seem to be on the quiet side today. What’s wrong? Cuccoo got your tongue?” Link turned to Zelda, gave a very subtle smile and replied: “Ummm, it’s nothing, Princess. Just tired from the excursion.” At this point, General Fronagond with a laughter added: “Not like you, Link. Looks like my training with you is getting a little much. I’ve turned you into a silent hero!” With that, Link stood up and stated: “Sorry guys. It’s been a long day. I better get to sleep now. Good night.” Everyone else gave off bemused expressions. “Wait, before you go,” said the King, “Tomorrow we are having a special ceremony. Earlier today, a couple of Gerudo attacked Zelda on her way back from Rito Village. If it weren’t for Fronagond coming to rescue her, she would surely have perished. This incident, along with his stellar service over many years has led me to decide to award him with the Golden Medallion.” Link’s eyes opened wide. The Golden Medallion was the greatest honor that could be ever bestowed upon any citizen of Hyrule. Upon receipt of this, Fronagond would become the most powerful man in the Land, excluding the King himself and Zelda. Essentially the vice-ruler of Hyrule. This further exacerbated the feeling of uneasiness in Link’s heart. But trying hard not to show it, Link simply replied: “I understand, Your Majesty. I will be there.” With that, Link retired to the Knight Academy barrack.

Link could not sleep all night. All he could think of were the words spoken by the Gerudo Nabosa. Was what she said about General Fronagond true? Was there any chance that the man who had become like a second father to Link over the last year be something other than what he appeared? He knew that if he were to use the Lens of Truth and if what was said about its power was true, it would expose any hidden truth about the General in front of the whole Castle. But what if it was all lies by the Gerudo to create discord within the Kingdom? How could he act so suspicious of his beloved General and believe the words of someone from a much maligned tribe? Given the history of the Gerudo, the words spoken by Nabosa were likely lies. But she mentioned the words “Gerudo Defector”. What exactly did that mean? These questions tormented Link until the break of dawn. The time of the ceremony had come. As promised, a band of Goron had indeed come to the Castle. The stage was set. The King was stood in front of his throne. Zelda was stood alongside him. Link was stood with his fellow Knight trainees in the audience, along with nobles, guards and selected citizens of Castle Town. Suddenly, the main door opened. Up came Fronagond, adorned in a special, golden robe and a sword sheathed on his back. Link’s heart was beating like fast drum beat. He had brought the Lens of Truth with him in his pocket. If what Nabosa had said was true, the Kingdom could be in serious danger. So despite his emotional affection with the man he called his mentor, his duty as a knight to his Kingdom came first. Even with the risk that he were wrong and had to live with the destruction of his reputation and career as a knight. If there was any chance Fronagond was anything other than who he appeared, he had to be exposed here and now. In front of everyone. Fronagond stood before the King and knelt down. “General Fronagond. You have been one of Hyrule’s most dedicated and sincerest servants. And as a reward, your King bestows upon you the highest honor given to any citizen, the Golden Medallion.” The King hooked the Medallion onto the shoulder blade of Fronagond. Link had brought out his Lens of Truth. He was preparing to jump out of the audience when his eyes caught the hand of Fronagond clasped to his sword handle. “I have been waiting a long time for this moment to come, Your Majesty,” stated Fronagond. With that, Fronagond spun his body while in the kneeling pose, stood up, unsheathed his blade and stabbed the King right in his abdomen. The whole throne room shrieked in horror. Link’s heart sank. the Lens of Truth fell out of his hand. “Now then, King of Hyrule, you and I are even, he he he. Now sleep an eternal slumber!”

“FATHERRRRRRRR!!!!” screamed Zelda, as he fell back into her lap. The guards came charging at Fronagond. He simply put out his hand and emitted a force of wind, pushing them all to the ground. He then proceeded to charge out of the throne room. Link quickly got up. “FRONAGOOONNNDDD!!” He began running after the General. Outside the castle, he could see him running off into the distance on horseback. Link was about to mount onto the nearest horse when he heard a voice from behind. “LINK, STOP.” Link turned around to see Zelda. Her eyes were red in grief, skin was pale. Shaking, she stated: “He… he murdered my father!! Why? He… he will pay. I’m coming with you.” Both then mounted on the same horse. Feelings of rage were emanating in Link’s mind. Nabosa was right all along. Fronagond had shown his true colors. But all he wanted to know was after so many years of being a loyal servant of the Royal Family, why?. When they got to the entrance of Hyrule Field, they saw a figure standing in front of them. It was Fronagond on horse back. He put out his hand in front of him and in taunting fashion began goading Link to “come to him”. Link, with Zelda beside him, charged at Fronagond.

Fronagond’s horse then turned around and galloped away. Link and Zelda gave a hasty chase. “FRONAGOND!! WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS!!” Link bellowed. Zelda was too much in shock and grief to even speak anymore. The chase kept on progressing until they reached a mountain. Fronagond began to scale the mountain and Link and Zelda continued to pursue him. Finally, they reached the top of the mountain. There he was. The assailant of the King, Fronagond. Standing with arms folded. However, it was the people standing behind him who caused the shock. A band of three Gerudo. Link and Zelda dismounted from the horse. Link quickly brought out his sword. “So, you’re with them, General. You sold yourself to the Gerudo… WHY FRONAGOND, WHY!! THE KING TRUSTED YOU!! AND YOU BETRAYED HIM!! WHYYYYYYY?” screamed a distressed Link. “I saw you as part of my family Fronagond. My father and I both did. He thought of you as a brother. How could you kill him!!?” added Zelda, clearly still in tremendous grief. Fronagond simply remained calm. He gave a smile and replied. “Fronagond? Who is this Fronagond you speak of? Ah, I think the time has come. You children and I have never formally been introduced to one another.” Fronagond then clenched his right fist and flexed his arm. Suddenly the ground began to shake. The Gerudo behind began sniggering. Link and Zelda both fell to the ground but still had eyes on Fronagond. They both gasped when they saw a glowing red triangle surface on Fronagond’s fist. He then began glowing a blinding, silver aura and black smoke enveloped him. Once the silver light and smoke cleared, there stood a figure. It wasn’t Fronagond at all. Gone was the friendly-looking man with white hair, fair skin and golden robes. Instead stood a man with red hair, dark green skin, black armor but most of all, a wicked and sinister smile. In a state of absolute horror, Zelda tearily stated: “N….No. It…it can’t be…and he… he wields the Triforce of Power!” In equal distress, Link shrieked: “You’re him. The evil leader of the Gerudo the King spoke of… G… G… Ganondorf!” With a laugh, Ganondorf replied: “We meet for real at last. Pleased to make your acquaintance…” “But…but father defeated you all those years ago. You… you are supposed to be dead!” added Zelda. “He he he. That’s what you and your pathetic Royal Family believed all this time. But fate had other ideas…”

20 Years Ago:

“Quickly!! We need to do something!!” A band of Gerudo were carrying a gravely wounded Ganondorf into a cave. They had already lost many of their fighters at the hands of the Hylian forces. But losing their King would spell doom for their existence as a people. They put him to the ground. One of the Gerudo tried using different remedies and magical spells, but to no avail. Ganondorf’s eyes then became lifeless, his hand gave way. “NOOOOOO!!!” screamed one of the Gerudo. Others put their hands on their heads. It was dawning upon them that they’d lost their king. The king who had contributed so much to turning their race’s fortunes around from being mere bandits seen as nothing more than a nuisance by the other races to a force on their way to competing with the Hylians themselves. The Gerudo were preparing to close his eyes until suddenly, they saw his left arm move and his fist clench. The ground began to shake and a red triangle began glowing on his fist. His eyes also began glowing red. His body rose from the ground and he gave a deafening scream. It was a scream full of pure rage and hatred. He then calmed down and landed on the ground standing up. Ecstatic, the Gerudo knelt down in front of him. “So, that wildebeest of a Prince believes he has put me down does he? Little does he, or indeed that wretched Castle know that fate smiles upon us. This power, I know not yet what it is, but I feel tremendous. Like I’m ready to rule this land.” One of the Gerudo inquired: “My Lord, if we are to plan a second siege on Central Hyrule, we need to re-mobilize our remaining forces.” With that, Ganondorf put out his hand to signal the Gerudo to stop talking. “NO. We have just tried to take the Kingdom through direct force. It failed and along with it, we have lost precious comrades. No, when a straight path is unsuccessful, a crooked path must instead be implemented. And a most crooked path shall I implement.”

The Present Moment:

“Staging another attempted invasion would prove impossible for me. Hence, I crafted another way to attain the objective. We Gerudo already possess magic you other pitiful races do not. But this new, strange power I still had no true knowledge of enabled me to conduct magic at an even higher level, where I could alter my whole appearance. Which is when my true plan came together. I accepted that my goal would take even more time to realize, so I used this new-found ability to shift my appearance to something more… acceptable to your pompous people. Funny how just a simple rearrangement of your true name can rid all of any suspicion. And I entered your Academy of Knights, rose up the ranks to become the General I am, or was of today. All while with gritted teeth being in the presence of your cursed father. But being in the Castle for such a long time provided me the benefit of learning about this mysterious power, and that it being a piece of a sacred relic known as the Triforce and how attaining all three pieces would make the wielder… unstoppable. That’s when I realized than not only would I rise in rank, gain the trust of you fools to the point of one day attaining the Golden Medallion, but as Head of the Academy, commence on my search to find the other wielders of the Triforce pieces, as the Knights were the likeliest of people to wield these Triforce pieces. But in order to do that, the Kingdom needed an enemy. Someone knights and warriors would require to fight to manifest their power. Hence why I took the form of a Sheikah. To create the Legion of the Sacred Eye. For years, I waited, but that wait finally came to an end when I first met you, Link. Something about you stood out to me from the very beginning. Your strength, your willpower and infuriating nobility. It indicated that you could well be one of the two I have been looking for. And the day you took down the Ancient Leviathan, my feeling was confirmed when you manifested the Triforce of Courage. And now you are before me, ready to give me what I want.” An enraged Link bellowed: “All this time, you played with our feelings, our emotions. You lied to us, manipulated us, making us believe you were our friend, our mentor!! BUT ALL YOU WERE WAS A SELFISH KING BENT ON DESTROYING US!!” Ganondorf simply smiled: “Young Link, still naive as ever. If only you knew. It is my destiny to rule this Land. And nothing is going to prevent that from happening. I did what I had to do, nothing less.” Unsheathing his blade, Link cried: “And I know exactly what I have to do. Put you to the sword.” He charged at Ganondorf and aimed a slash at him. Ganondorf simply dodged. Link then aimed more slashes at Ganondorf, all which were dodged with ease. He then pushed Link back. “You’re really going to fight me, Link? And you really believe you will prevail? Against the one who taught you to be the warrior you are today? Preposterous!” Link immediately clenched his fist hard. There was no question about having or not having control. This was no longer sparring with a friendly adversary. He was up against the biggest enemy of the Kingdom. He had to do absolutely everything to bring him down.

The green triangle resurfaced on his fist along with the green glow in his eyes. Ganondorf simply sniggered as Link once again charged at him. “If that’s how you want to play it, Link, do your worst!” Ganondorf unsheathed his own blade. Link aimed a succession of quick blows towards Ganondorf, who blocked all of them with his blade. He then kicked Link to the ground. “Fool! Do you not even consider the fact that I know each and every one of your moves!” He then aimed his own slash at Link, who blocked with his shield. He jumped to the side, rolled around to Ganondorf’s back and slashed him in the back. Ganondorf leaned forward and slightly knelt. He began laughing: “A new move, I see. So you have begun to command some sort of control on your Triforce power, kid.” He then stood up and turned around. “But you’ve only had this power for a mere year.” Clenching his fist, which was radiating a red triangle, Ganondorf continued: “I have had my Triforce power for decades. Decades where I have learnt exactly how to command its magnificent power!” His eyes also began glowing red. “Link! Please exercise caution!” exclaimed Zelda, who was watching from the side. Link aimed slash after slash, but Ganondorf dodged with ease. He tried every move he could think of, but Ganondorf blocked them all and kept kicking him down. After being kicked down numerous times, Link was only functioning through sheer willpower. His Triforce power was waning. “Time to end this misery for you, Link,” stated the Gerudo King. He slashed at Link’s Recruit Sword. It shattered immediately upon contact. Likewise his Hylian Shield. Link had no weapon now to protect himself. He was too tired to dodge. Ganondorf stabbed him clean through the chest. “LIIIIINNNNNNNNKKKKKK!!! NOOOOOOOO!!” screamed Zelda in agony. Ganondorf withdrew his blade from Link’s chest. Link’s eyes were red, his skin becoming paler and paler by the second. Ganondorf then grabbed Link by the neck and took him to the edge of the mountain top. “Link. As much a monster you believe me to be, this is what fate has ordained me to do.” With what actually looked like an expression of slight remorse, Ganondorf continued: “If you think I am taking pleasure from this, think again. Because in truth, I have grown fond of you, Link. And in some ways, you have shown me what it’s like to have a son. So consider this a sacrifice. A sacrifice from both of us towards the greater good.”

As Link’s eyes became more and more lifeless, the green triangle began fading. Until suddenly, it began resurfacing onto Ganondorf’s fist, alongside the Triforce of Power. Once the Trifoce began glowing green on Ganondorf’s fist, he threw Link off of the edge and into the void below. “NOOOOOOOOO!! NOOOOOOOOO!!” screamed Zelda, in floods of tears. “It was in the scriptures. When a wielder of a piece of the Triforce perishes, it automatically transfers to the wielder of one of the other pieces, the one who is closest in distance! “MONSTER!! I WILL KILL YOU!!” bellowed a furious Zelda. Zelda took out her rapier and charged towards Ganondorf. However, Ganondorf simply held out his hand and the force pushed Zelda to the ground. “Now that I have the Triforce of Power and Courage in my midst, the added power can help me find where exactly the third piece is hidden.” He closed his eyes and clenched his fist. Both Triforces began glowing. He then opened his eyes and gave a huge grin. “Ah, this just gets better. Fate really has smiled upon me. Because today, not only did the wielder of one Triforce piece come to pursue me, the other also did. Isn’t that right… PRINCESS ZELDA!!” With that, he turned right at Zelda. Zelda was flabbergasted. “N…No. I don’t know what you are talking about!” replied a visibly frightened Princess. “DON’T PLAY GAMES WITH ME, PRINCESS. YOU WIELD THE THIRD PIECE OF THE TRIFORCE, THE TRIFORCE OF WISDOM!! Now I shall dispose of you and own all three pieces.” Ganondorf, along with the other Gerudo present, began closing in towards Zelda. She was certain her end was nigh. Suddenly, out of nowhere a figure jumped in front of her. It wielded a large blade. That white hair and purple tunic was very familiar to Zelda. It was Impa. She aimed multiple slashes at Ganondorf, who simply blocked them. “Ah, Impa. Foolish member of your almost extinct race. What hope do you have of besting me?” taunted Ganondorf. “I’m not here to defeat you, Ganondorf. I’m here for atonement.” Impa then jumped to Zelda’s side, picked her up and threw something to the ground. It gave off a blinding light and a screeching sound. Ganondorf and the Gerudo were blinded by the light for a few moments. When they reopened their eyes, both Impa and Zelda had vanished. “Run as much as you can, Princess, but now that I have both the Triforces of Power and Courage, you cannot hide for long. Especially now that I am the ruler of this land!”

Ganondorf marched into Hyrule Castle with an army of Gerudo. Most of the Hylian Knights and warriors, seeing the Golden Medallion, were obliged by Hylian Law to stand down in front of their now default ruler. There were some who disregarded the law and stood up to attack Ganondorf, but they were obliterated effortlessly by the new King. He walked into the throne room and sat on the throne. “Years and years of humiliation, endeavor and torment, I now sit in the place I belong. The Hylian Royal Family are no more, the Princess has fled, and now begins the dawn of my rule. Soon when I find the Princess and take the final piece of the Triforce, my rule will be unassailable! Ha ha ha ha, HA HA HA HA!!!!” Screen cuts to the credits

Post-credits scene: The screen cuts to what looks like a melancholic forest. It then shows an old ruin, goes inside and in the centre of an old chamber, there sits a pedestal, displaying a spectacular-looking shining sword with a purple handle.

* * *

As this would be the second movie of the trilogy, it would serve as the “Empire Strikes Back” movie. But I’ve always felt that a unique take should be the way to go which adds an emotional punch, where instead of Ganondorf coming out as the twirly-mustached villain right from the off in the eyes of the protagonists, he’s someone who truly had their trust for many years before showing his true colors. However, that didn’t stop me adding Easter eggs of course!

The Gerudo here are very much inspired by the ones appearing in Ocarina of Time, especially given that the ones wielding scimitars wear red like the ones Link fights to free the carpenters from Gerudo Fortress. Also, I know this won’t take a Zelda super fanatic to tell, but the name of the Gerudo thief, Nabosa is a reference to both Nabooru and Urbosa and I’m relatively sure the reader has a pretty decent idea of how her character will end up turning out.

One of my vaguest Easter eggs which people won’t get unless thinking deeply about it is regarding Link’s Rito rival Holu. I know I’ve already mentioned how his character is inspired by Revali from Breath of the Wild, but given that he always seems to appear in Hyrule Field and give Link some eventual advice about his mission is a vague nod to Kaepora Gaebora, as although not as wise or even as friendly as him, he’s also a birdlike creature randomly appearing at Hyrule Field to give Link advice. Regarding Link’s trek up Death Mountain, it is inspired by both Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild, given how he has to contend with eruptions of molten rocks and wear special armor and drink elixirs to survive.

Now coming to the Goron, they’re inspired by Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, especially the Goron Mines, which is the Fire Dungeon seen in Twilight Princess. Speaking of Twilight Princess, the Goron Chief is called Darbus the Ventripotent, Darbus being the real name of the Goron Mines’ main boss, Fyrus. The fact that Link has to defeat Darbus in the final step of the challenge is a fun nod to Twilight Princess. However, Darbus’ good relationship with Hyrule’s Royal Family is a nice throwback to Darunia and his affection for Hyrule’s King in Ocarina of Time.

Now for those who love the Zelda CDi games (and I’m sure there’s plenty of those), Link almost says probably the most famous sentence of those games, something about eating Dodongos before his fight with Nabosa. More on Link, when he his silent during the banquet, Fronagond teases him by calling him a “silent hero”. Given Link has a relatively outgoing personality, the “silent hero” phrase is a fun nod to his role as a “silent protagonist” in the games.

When Fronagond stabs the King, he says the words: “Sleep an eternal slumber”. This is a reference to the Ocarina of Time manga, where after Ganondorf assassinates the King, he tells Zelda that he has put her father in an “eternal sleep”. His running away from the castle is heavily inspired by the events of Ocarina of Time before Link first removes the Master Sword from the pedestal. However, Link and Zelda chasing him on horseback is a throwback to the horseback battle near the end of Twilight Princess. The fight on top of the mountain has many references to Wind Waker, especially when Ganondorf picks Link up by the neck and removes his Triforce piece.

So this part of the story ends with a Kingdom in disarray, the King murdered, Link defeated and disposed of and Zelda on the run. And that’s not even mentioning the fact Ganondorf now sits on the throne of Hyrule as King. How will the Kingdom fare now? Be sure to keep your heads up for Part 3, where more twists, surprises and even more Easter eggs from games not yet referenced lie in store!

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