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Listen! To This Tribute to Navi (A Navi Song)

By Kendra J
December 7, 2018

Hey, listen! This tune by YouTuber Random Encounters parodies the adventures we have all went through with Navi: she tells us what’s going on a hair too late. I love how she crosses the boundaries of the different Zelda titles! The tune starts off innocently enough, and then Navi walks you through all of the pain and suffering we had to endure throughout the series. The animation that goes along is extremely well done and conveys our emotions as the song goes on. The singer does a great job depicting Navi’s personality, and it’s great to put a face to the voice at the end of the video! The music that accompanies the singer does make me want to go on another Zelda adventure, too!

Watch the video below or click here to watch on YouTube.