By Hick
March 30, 2018

Trap music is a style of music that has become more and more popular in recent years. It’s sort of like rap music without the vocals. When I was growing up, I was actually a big fan of rap. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve gravitated towards other genres of music because my tastes have changed a little, and I also think rap music is terrible nowadays. With that being said, I still do love to hear the beats. I had subwoofers in my car when I was younger and ever since then I have been a huge fan of bass. There are other sounds that also come with trap music, and I like many of them.

YouTuber Trap Music Now. recently created a trap remix of the Lost Woods theme. As you can imagine, it is a little more upbeat than the original version. I love how they make it sound very different, but you never forget you are listening to a Lost Woods theme. As you can gather from above, I also enjoyed the bass hits. I normally gravitate towards more relaxing and calm Zelda themes, but it’s alright to speed it up here and there!

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on YouTube. ENJOY!