Listen to This Awesome Nintendo Metal Cover of Midna’s Lament from Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess

By Krissia Arteaga
May 9, 2019

Have you noticed how Zelda has everything? I mean, everything you can consider art. Besides the experience, visual experience and storytelling, the franchise has been famous for the memorable soundtracks. The producers give their very best and they never fail (at least for my taste!).

Games like Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past and Majora’s Mask are clear examples of how with only their music/sounds you can relate to the game and even serve yourself a journey to the past or just good times.

The soundtrack from Twilight Princess is no exception to this rule with more than 6 hours of music and sounds characteristic of this emblematic game. How can you ignore the sound of Hyrule Town, every time you access a store, Hyrule Field and so much more? We all agree that Midna’s Lament is the most iconic piece of this soundtrack, right? I thought so.

Before this video to be on the list we receive, I heard the work from FamilyJules in the past. His skills provide the very best covers from awesome games like Mario Bros., Mega Man, Street Fighter and of course, The Legend of Zelda. The mix of acoustic and electronic guitars created this very awesome masterpiece which you can check out below

Take your time to show some love and support to this awesome guy!


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