By Chris Corrigan
May 9, 2018

One of the stand out additions to the latest Legend of Zelda game Breath of the Wild are the Divine Beasts and the fallen Champions that piloted them 100 years ago. Each of the Champions had their own ability which can be passed on to Link during play of the game:

Mipha & her healing ability
Daruk & his protection
Revali & his soaring gale
Urbosa & her shocking attack

These 4 champions were celebrated among their races and were worthy pilots of their respective Divine Beasts, but YouTuber NintendoBlackCrisis has asked what made Link, a 16 year old boy, so respected that he was chosen to become the 5th Champion & become the appointed knight of the princess of Hyrule.

He has a theory that Link is worthy of the Champion title because he also has a Champion ability and it has been staring everyone in the face this whole time. In fact, you will use this ability countless times each time you play the game.

Check out his YouTube video below to find out what Link’s Champion ability is. You can also find the video on YouTube here.