Let’s Count down the Top 10 Scariest Things in Zelda!

By Kendra J
November 8, 2018

Today we will be counting down the top 10 darkest and scariest things in Zelda with the video by YouTuber Zeltik! This is a two-part episode and we will be looking at part one. As you can imagine, a lot of these things will come from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess (although not all). At first glance these games can look to be friendly and outgoing, but once you think about what’s going on, they can get a lot darker. There are side stories within the Zelda series that include characters with gloomy and tragic plots but we often need to dig into the story to understand what is going on (like when adults get lost in the Lost Woods in OoT…) and you realize how dark these stories actually are.

Personally, #10 and #2 scared me the most as a child (and to an extent to this day)!

Watch the video below or click here to watch on YouTube.