Could This LEGO Hyrule Castle from Breath of the Wild Become a Reality?

By Red
May 1, 2020

Two of my favorite things growing up (and even today!) were LEGOs and The Legend of Zelda. We’ve seen recently that LEGO and Nintendo are willing to partner together to bring Nintendo-based sets to life. But one Master Builder is envisioning something much grander. Builder BrickGallery has submitted an absolutely stunning LEGO Hyrule Castle for consideration as an official set! This Hyrule Castle set is based on the Breath of the Wild version of the castle, which many consider to be one of the best representations of Hyrule Castle in the series! The set is modular, allowing for play on multiple levels. It also includes figurines for several Guardians, Calamity Ganon, a Korok, and Link (complete with sword, Hylian Shield, and Paraglider).

The LEGO Ideas process is simple: create a set, get 10,000 supporters to like it on the LEGO Ideas website, and then LEGO will consider it for an official set! BrickGallery’s Hyrule Castle has already hit the 10k supporter mark, so here’s hoping one day, we’ll see this beautiful set on store shelves ourselves! You can check out all the details of the set here.

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