Check Out This Awesome Piano Cover of the Main Legend of Zelda Theme!

By Dan Portson
March 24, 2020

Here’s a startling fact: 282,172 brand new pianos were sold in the US during 1978. Moving on, talented and eccentric YouTubers Frank Tedesco and Zach Heyde are a duo for the ages. Not only do they expertly play piano covers as if they are sipping a cup of tea, but they also supply the sheet music for a very reasonable price. The two operate under the YouTube name ’Frank and Zach Piano Duets’, but also have channels of their own where they produce equally valuable content. Doing a quick rudimentary search through their channel, I found that this may be the first Zelda cover song in their repertoire, but it is quite the doozy nonetheless. If you enjoy videogame or TV related cover songs to any degree, you will most definitely enjoy this channel as the duo employs not only energy and massive talent, but also costumes and related backdrops to further enrich the experience.

On March 12, 2020, they did the whole Zelda community a great service and covered the Legend of Zelda Main Theme. During the cover, which lasts a beautiful 2 minutes and 32 seconds, they utilize a great number of stylings and key changes adding so much depth to the franchise’s popular theme song, which of course was originally composed by Koji Kondo back in 1986. I honestly can’t stop watching this video. As a cover artist myself, I am just so amazed at how creatively talented these two are. My favorite part about the whole experience was watching them playfully executing the notes as if they were acting in a play. Both dressed up as Link, and following a key-tickling intro, they start out with the tune at its original tempo and key, but during the course of their very perilous adventure through the “Hy- and Lo-rule” ivories, they change keys and moods quite triumphantly. I think I’m just going to start putting my television on mute and playing this track on repeat every time I turn on a Zelda game from now on.

In all seriousness, ‘Frank and Zach Piano Duets’ is exactly what we need in times like these, or any time at all. They each have inexorably enormous amounts of talent and energy, with enough content to distract us enough from, at least a fraction of, our worries and woes. As an added bonus, if you do get bored of watching them play together, you can check out each of their individual channels for more entertaining content. So, grab your favorite green, pointed cap, raise your master sword into the air, and tell Navi to zip it, as you enjoy ‘Frank and Zach Piano Duets’ version of the Legend of Zelda Main Theme!


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