By Red
February 13, 2018

When I’m not playing video games, I absolutely love breaking out a deck of cards and firing up some card games. Whether it’s a Midwest classic like Euchre, a drinking game like Kings, or a party game like Cards Against Humanity, card games can absolutely bring the life to a party. That’s why I am VERY excited to see that GameStop will soon be offering a Legend of Zelda Uno deck! Uno is an amazing party card game, whether you feel the thrill of dropping a Wild Draw 4 on your opponent, or the heartbreak of getting skipped while you’re sitting on Uno. This Legend of Zelda deck includes some special touches, such as numbers 3 and 6 featuring a Triforce symbol on them, and a special Wild Triforce Card that forces an opponent to draw three cards if they don’t have a card with a Triforce symbol. The Legend of Zelda Uno deck contains 112 cards in all and is recommended for 2 to 10 players. It goes on sale on February 15th for just $6.99. You can check out GameStop’s official site here for all the details!