Legend of Zelda Series Producer Eiji Aonuma Gives Some Insight Into Link’s Awakening Remake and Breath of the Wild Sequel

By Red
June 20, 2019

Since Eiji Aonuma is the producer of the Legend of Zelda franchise, we as fans tend to gobble up any bit of information that he gives us. So I always get excited when he does an interview, because it’s a great way to get some insight into his thinking process and where the Legend of Zelda franchise may be going. He recently conducted an interview with Kotaku’s Jason Schreier where he talked about the upcoming Nintendo Switch remake of Link’s Awakening, the Breath of the Wild sequel that was teased at this year’s E3 Nintendo Direct presentation, and his day to day life.

In the interview, Aonuma states that he’s been wanting to remake Link’s Awakening for a while, and discusses straddling the line between creating something fresh and staying true to the original essence of a game. He also describes the desire to incorporate a mechanism for players to arrange something of their own in Link’s Awakening, and that’s how the new dungeon editor feature came about.

When discussing the Breath of the Wild sequel, Aonuma describes the thought process behind making a sequel to Breath of the Wild rather than adding to the existing game through DLC. He states that there are bigger changes and too many ideas the team wants to incorporate to do it as DLC to the original Breath of the Wild; that’s why the decision was made to start fresh on a sequel instead.

The interview also gets into Aonuma’s day to day life and working conditions at Nintendo. All in all, it’s a fascinating read, and I think it’s always great to get an idea into Aonuma’s thinking and processes, because it’s usually a great way to get a feel for where the Zelda franchise may go next! You can read Jason Schreier’s entire interview here.

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