Legend of Zelda Majora’s Mask Explained by a DRUNK PeanutButterGamer

By Hick
December 23, 2018

Majora’s Mask is a very different Zelda game. That is why it has become a cult classic in the franchise for some. Coming off of Ocarina of Time, it used the same engine and characters but it was nothing like Ocarina of Time. Instead of having a huge focus on dungeons, the game put more of a focus on side quests and characters. It’s a game that is still somewhat hard to explain even to seasoned Zelda fans. Everyone has their own unique perspective on the game. It becomes even more fun to talk about when there is a little alcohol involved!

YouTuber NormalBoots, a collective of influential internet creators, sat down with a drunk PeanutButterGamer as he tried to explain Majora’s Mask. I’ve always enjoyed PeanutButterGamer’s videos, but it was nice for once to see him in a more relaxed environment. I gotta give him credit, while I do have a high tolerance, I lose the ability to talk after a few drinks, haha. It’s impressive to watch him go on this long about one game while also knocking back some spirits.

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube.


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