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Last Seen Slain by the Hero of the Winds … Will Ganondorf Ever Return?

By aJNation71
September 27, 2017

The Legend of Zelda’s main protagonists have never changed. The hero and the princess (from whom the game is named after) have featured in almost every title (Zelda only features as a memory in Majora’s Mask and she isn’t in Tri-Force Heroes at all). Interestingly though the main series has featured several different villains, the main stay of the franchise however, has to be Ganon.

Ganon in the first slew of Zelda titles was portrayed as a gross, pig like monster. For the purposes of character development, Nintendo decided to give him a more human incarnation, Ganondorf. Ganondorf Dragmire didn’t feature in the series until 1998’s Ocarina of Time where the King of Thieves got his own origin story. Ganondorf then went on to feature in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. He proved to be so popular that he was integrated into the Super Smash Bros. roster with the release of Melee. Since the GameCube/Wii Zelda title though, Ganondorf hasn’t been seen since in a main line Zelda game. So where has he been hiding since 2006?

Acclaimed Zelda theorist and YouTuber HMK has put together a video on his thoughts as to when we may see the evil villain again. Interestingly, he also talks about the attributes of the character and what his absence may mean for the series. Clearly HMK is a big fan … and I support his efforts to #BRINGBACKTHEDORF

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You can check out the video below or click here to view it on Youtube. ENJOY!