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Kotaku’s A New Illustrated Telling of Majora’s Mask’s Enigmatic Story

By Red
January 5, 2019

Majora’s Mask remains one of the best Zelda games for discussion and interpretation. Its lore, mystery, and strange separation from the rest of the Zelda universe have made it a treasure trove for analysis and examination. Even clarifying remarks from the Hyrule Historia and Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia haven’t been enough to completely shed light on Majora’s Mask’s mysteries. Mama Robotnik from Kotaku has taken a stab at unraveling the complicated lore of Majora’s Mask, including how it fits into the larger Zelda universe. Mama Robotnik uses in-game quotes, from both Majora’s Mask and other Zelda games, along with her own interpretations to tie together the story of Termina. It’s a well-told take on one of the darker, more mysterious games in the Zelda franchise!