Journey Through Hyrule

By Athena Veta
October 3, 2017

When people think of a Zelda game, most often they think of the adventures of a young boy named Link on a quest to stem the tides of evil, rescue a princess, and save the land of Hyrule. With over 30 years of games, spin-offs, and remakes, The Legend of Zelda series has not only proved that it has staying power, but has also given fans countless opportunities to explore, adventure, and save the day in their own ways.

Recently, a number of writers from independent game sites came together to look back at the past three decades of Zelda and offer their unique perspectives on each game in the series (with some even brave enough to take on the CDi games!). From the humble beginnings of the original The Legend of Zelda to the recently released Breath of the Wild, this Zelda Hub lovingly covers each game in the order it was released, with every writer offering their own experiences and perspectives to this immense – and comprehensive – labor of love.

The lovely logo for this project was created by ZoeF

Since there can never be too many people talking about Zelda, after you’ve left a comment here with your favorite Legend of Zelda memory, definitely check out some of the fantastic articles from the Zelda Hub, and let the authors know you’re as big a Zelda fan as they are!

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