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Is Nintendo’s NES Title Zelda II Adventure of Link Any Good Despite the Criticism?

By Badge Nibley
January 19, 2019

We’re all quite familiar with the nursery rhyme the Ugly Duckling. It’s a story about identity and trying to find your place in the world. The themes of that story deeply apply to Zelda 2 and its place in the Zelda franchise. A quote from the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson goes, “A very odd looking creature. It was big and grey and ugly.” This is exactly what Zelda 2 is for many people.

But YouTuber implantgames asks the question if that really is the case? Putting the game through its paces, critically breaking it down into its parts. A very comprehensive video on Zelda 2 and how it works, without being left behind if you haven’t played it already.

If you’re interested in seeing the verdict, if the ugly duckling of the Zelda franchise does hold up in some way, click here to view it on YouTube or watch the video below. It’s well worth the time if you’re interested in a well-rounded analysis!