Is Majora’s Mask’s Kafei & Anju Side Quest the Biggest Love Affair in the Legend of Zelda?

By Amanda Wood
January 23, 2019

Take a moment and think back to the first few times you ever played Majora’s Mask. What made it so memorable to you? Was it the darker, grittier tones? Perhaps it was the unique characters and the lands they inhabited. Or maybe it was the looming demise of Termina that followed you during your quest in the shape of the terrifying Moon. Whatever the case may be, the side quests were of utmost importance in Majora’s Mask – without them, you would be unable to spread happiness throughout the land!

One of the most iconic side quests from Majora’s Mask is the Anju and Kafei questline. Spanning over all three days, this side quest gives players a closer look to the personal lives of the inhabitants of Termina. YouTuber Dr.Wily delves into the details of this quest, expanding on one easily missed detail of the story – that Anju was not the only woman in love with Kafei. The video traces back to pieces of dialogue that, when connected to other conversations, explains exactly why Anju nervously admitted to Link that she was afraid of reuniting with her missing fiancé. Rather than dismissing her words, Dr.Wily explores other characters’ involvement in the quest by showcasing conversations not necessary to completing the mission – conversations that players may have missed if they merely breezed through the game. Players come to learn that Anju was nervous of her reunion with Kafei, not because of his abrupt disappearance so close to their wedding day, but instead feared that he had broken off their engagement and eloped with a certain ranch worker.

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!


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