Is a Legend of Zelda TV Series On the Way?

By Red
October 31, 2018

Legend of Zelda fans who want to see Link, Zelda, and Ganon make the transition from video game to TV series may be in for a treat sooner rather than later! Adi Shankar, executive producer of the well-received Netflix series Castlevania, announced via Instagram that he is working with an iconic Japanese gaming company to adapt a series to television. Although he does not specify exactly which gaming company or series, The Wrap is reporting that it learned the series will in fact be the Legend of Zelda! The Wrap does not identify how it learned this, so take the news with a grain of salt. But for Zelda fans who want to see someone take another stab at creating a worthwhile Legend of Zelda TV series, this is enough to get our hopes up!

Adi Shankar stated that a formal announcement is coming November 16th, so thankfully we won’t be held in suspense for too long! You can see Adi Shankar’s full Instagram post below.