In a Battle of Modern Greats … Who Wins?

By aJNation71
December 10, 2018

The Yankees versus the Red Sox, United/Liverpool, Ali v. Foreman … sport has a history of creating great rivalries that live on through the ages. The gaming industry has embraced this notion as well. The console wars, first ‘competed’ between Nintendo and Sega in the early nineties, forced its way into playground culture. Creating divisive lines between children and adults alike, you either sided with Mario and the SNES or Sonic and the Mega Drive. Though the console wars still exist today, albeit, without Sega, they are probably not as intense as they once were. Still, with the advancements in hardware and the seemingly limitless boundaries of new games, people still contest and debate what the hottest games are to play. In the last couple of years alone, we have seen some of the highest critically praised games of all time., one of YouTube’s highest subscribed channels, is known for its compilation videos and versus videos. One of which is the attention of this article. In the YouTube channel’s latest versus clash, Breath of the Wild is pitied against Rockstar’s wild western blockbuster Red Dead Redemption 2. The video judges the games in five categories to decided if there is anything that can separate these modern classics … with both games receiving the same Metacritic average of 97, it’s fair to say the competition is tight!

Who wins? There is only way to find out.

So what do you guys think? Are the games evenly matched? Or is the latest entry in the Zelda series too legendary for even Red Dead to handle?

Let us know in the comments below!

I’ve been aJ for TGPZ. Take care and keep gaming!

You can check out the video below or click here to watch it on YouTube. Enjoy!


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