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I Think I’m a Clone Now: 3 More Zelda Clones

By Nate Merritt
September 29, 2017

I am very thankful and grateful, for indie developers. Many of them are individuals or teams of gamers who grew up playing the most beloved games of all time. This should make us all happy, as a lot of these developers draw inspirations from our favorite childhood games, and make entirely brand new games out of them. Typically, you can draw comparisons from the games they pulled inspiration from, right away, especially if they are clones.

In the case of Moonlight, shown in the Video below created by Youtuber Dr.Wily, the developer said that he took inspiration from the original Legend of Zelda and Zelda The Minish Cap. Sounds like a game definitely worth checking out.

Dr.Wily also chose to include a game that Wood from BeatEmUps covered in his Zelda clone video a few weeks back. That game is Oceanhorn. You can probably guess from the title of the game which Zelda it drew inspiration from. If you said Zelda Wind Waker, pat yourself on the back. You’re right. There is a striking resemblance to Zelda Wind Waker, shown in the video below. If both of these popular Youtubers mentioned it, perhaps this game is indeed worth a look at as well.

Finally, an odd oddity, made it into this video. As to what sets this game apart from the others, well I’ll let you watch the video for yourself and see. But here again, the developer admitted to taking a lot of inspiration and the title itself, Tunic, from the Zelda series.

To check out these 3 very cool Zelda clones, you can watch the video below or click here to view it on Youtube.