How Does the Master Cycle Zero Exactly Work?

By Hick
December 20, 2017

The Master Cycle Zero is one of the coolest gadgets to be introduced into the Zelda franchise. I think it definitely makes The Champions’ Ballad worth all the tedious work. Ever since I’ve received it, I’ve just been driving everywhere around Hyrule. It gets you around so much quicker and I love equipping my Korok Mask to find more Korok Seeds. It’s one of the best ideas Nintendo has ever had. I just wish it would have been introduced when the game came out rather than after I had already beaten it. I think there is one important factor that all of us are failing to think about though. How does the Master Cycle Zero exactly work?

YouTuber Dr.Wily decided to take a look at this in his newest video. One thing that I love about this video is that he really focuses on the science and explains it well. He also concentrates on how other Sheikah technology is powered. And what is up with the fuel? Why doesn’t any of the other Sheikah technology need it? He’ll explain this and more. What are your thoughts? Do you agree with some of his points or do you have your own?

You can check out the video below or click here to view it on YouTube. ENJOY!


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